8 Effective Training Rules That Will Definitely Work

You train your body diligently and regularly. And if you aren’t fully satisfied with the results, check whether you do your workouts correctly.

Remind yourself of these 8 simple rules.

  1. Continuity of training.

A person who trains twice per week for 52 weeks (1 year) will achieve better results than someone who trains 5 times per week but only for 20 weeks (5 months).

You shouldn’t train only from time to time and expect impressive results.

The truth lies in perseverance as well as in the rhythm of your body and your whole organism. You set this rhythm yourself.

  1. Combine diligence in training with a smart approach.

Some say “You must train hard”, regardless of their attitude to the word “must”. Yet it definitely doesn’t mean exhausting yourself at every workout.

The body often sends us signals of fatigue and overtraining. If we can notice and decipher them timely, we’ll be able to achieve greater results.

What’s more acceptable for you? What suits you best?

Are you sure that Sean Ray’s arm workout will make your biceps resemble his? Or will the great Arnold’s chest training help you to sculpt a similar chest?

Have you ever wondered why what works for someone else or even for a thousand other athletes won’t necessarily work for you?

Experiment. Monitor your results. Listen to your body.

Hard training is good. Smart workouts are great. And now imagine what will happen if you combine these two approaches!

  1. For harmonious development, it’s necessary to train the whole body.

If you don’t train a certain muscle, it can’t develop. That’s why it’s very important to pay attention to all muscles during a workout session.

Another paramount aspect: if you want to develop your body proportionally, pay attention to every muscle. No matter how much you want to have big and massive arms, you would fail to achieve this without training your legs. How can this happen?

  1. Regularly increase your muscle strength.

A progressive workload is one of the keys to success. It can’t be called the best key but it obviously works. You need to get stronger to be able to build muscle.

After a cycle of strength building, you’ll be able to gain more “meat”.

Strength leads to improvements in many other areas, such as productivity and energy. You need to be able to do something at a leisurely pace before switching to doing it intensively. Plus, strength boosts endurance. You need to be able to do something once before you start doing it multi-repetitively.

  1. Mandatory warm-up before the main training.

It’s impossible to just go to the gym and start training at full strength. This wouldn’t lead you to anything good, except for an unpleasant injury.

Many beginners frequently skip this part of the workout. Unfortunately, they have to realize the importance of warming up the hard way after getting injured.

Keep in mind that someone needs 30 minutes to warm up, while someone else needs only 15.

We’re all different, but each of us must first prepare our body before giving a serious workload to it. The warm-up should cause light perspiration, accelerated heartbeat and enhanced motivation.

  1. Careful tracking of your life’s “ups and downs”.

You train hard, you’re strict with yourself and you have an established training regime. But after all, everyone, even professionals, has their physiological and mental ups and downs. It would be reckless not to take them into account.

However, as soon as you feel that you’re in good shape, use this chance.

Pump your body and psyche to the max. Increase the volume, enhance the intensity of training and get into the mood. All these efforts will be rewarded manyfold.

Train smartly. Be careful and avoid overdoing it.

  1. Adequate nutrition.

If you want to become the owner of a beautiful body as well as be fast, mobile and functional, you need to pay serious attention to what you eat, how much you eat and how you do it.

The best workout plan won’t work without ultimate nutrition.

Depending on your goals, you need to consume enough calories and the right combination of macronutrients.

  1. Sleep and sleep again.

As in the case of food, if you lack quality sleep and are in a state of round-the-clock stress, your whole body and psyche will be in constant drain.

Some people need more sleep, others less. Regardless of which type you belong to, everyone is united by the fact that we require high-quality sleep so that our body functions optimally.

The need for regular sleep is identical to perseverance in training.

There’s nothing better than going to bed and getting up always at the same time, observing a clear regime. You should learn to sleep too. And most importantly, pay equally serious attention to this process as to all the other “components of success” for a healthy body and organism.

Of course, when it comes to personal training, nutrition, sleep and health in general, it’s difficult to deduce any universal laws or rules. Things are individual for everyone. Find what works best for you and achieve your goals.

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