After the extension, eyelashes crumble quickly: the reasons and solutions to the problem

A simple eyelash extension procedure lasting 3 to 4 hours can completely change a woman’s appearance. Long and thick eyelashes have the ability to accentuate the eyes and make one’s face more attractive. There is only one “catch”: you need to adjust your extensions from time to time. Artificial hair last up to 2 months, providing the adjustment is carried out every 2-3 weeks. Of course, if two cilia fall out each day after the procedure, it does not cause that much of an inconvenience, nor does it ruin your look. However, from time to time eyelashes can deteriorate completely within the first few days.

Reasons why eyelashes fall out after an extension procedure

  1. Poor quality material was used. How long eyelashes will last depends on what glue was used and what material the cilia are made of.
  2. A woman’s natural cilia, to which artificial ones are glued, are very sparse or brittle.
  3. Your skin is naturally oily. If fat is constantly released from the sebaceous glands on the eyelids, it is likely to neutralize the glue.
  4. Eyelids and skin are inflamed due to an allergic reaction or conjunctivitis.
  5. Improper care may cause the extended eyelashes to crumble.
  6. During sleep, your eyelids come into contact with pillows. Also, the habit of periodically rubbing your eyes with your hands is unacceptable and can ruin eyelashes.
  7. The lash-maker is not well-experienced.
  8. Having prolonged contact with water; like walking in rainy weather, swimming in the pool, can ruin your lashes.
  9. Cosmetics containing glycerin or vegetable oils may cause artificial eyelashes to crumble.

If the lash-maker is not experienced enough, then the cilia may not only crumble, but even stick together immediately after the procedure or after a short while. A good lash-maker instructs the client on how to properly care for eyelashes, to prevent their loss.

What to do if the extended eyelashes crumble

  1. Stop rubbing your eyelids with your hands and learn to sleep on your side or on your back so that the cilia do not rub against the pillow.
  2. When swimming in the pool or taking a bath, avoid splashing water on your eyelids.
  3. Do not walk without an umbrella in rainy weather.
  4. Comb the eyelashes every day with a special brush.
  5. Do not sunbathe without a hat, and wear sunglasses during the day.
  6. Restore your natural eyelashes if they are weakened or sparse.
  7. Study the composition of your cosmetics used and discard those containing oils and glycerin.
  8. To do the extensions, only visit a proven beauty salon.

To understand if the procedure has been carried out well, pay attention to the appearance of eyelashes and how they feel. There should be no thickened places, lumps, or ornate couplings on the cilia. There should also be no heaviness or pain in the eyes.

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