Aging Hands: Reasons and Ways to Keep Them Young

A woman’s eyes and hands give away her age. Small wrinkles appear on the eyelids over time. The look of her eyes tells it all. The skin on the hands dries up, and it becomes uneven and covered with pigment spots. It’s the hands that withstand a tremendous load from the day to day grind. People have to cook food, do cleaning and also perform their duties at work. At the same time, their work can be physically challenging.

Why do hands age:

  1. Every day, you have to repeatedly wash dishes and alimentary products. During this process, a detergent that dries the upper layers of the epidermis gets on the skin. If the water is too hot or, the other way around, too cold, the skin gets stressed. It becomes covered with cracks and tends to turn red. Gradually, the skin on the hands ages- it’s inevitable.
  2. In summer, hands aren’t always protected from strong sunlight, and in winter the hands may experience severe frost and wind. Weather conditions have a detrimental effect on the condition of the hands.
  3. You use soap that lacks moisturizing ingredients. Frequent use of antibacterial soap has a bad impact on the skin as well.
  4. You don’t use moisturizing and nourishing creams often enough. At the same time, you opt for an affordable version of a cosmetic product for your hands, which typcially does not provide good quality ingredients. As a result, the surface of your skin becomes inflamed. It flakes and cracks.
  5. You fail to timely eliminate dying cells with exfoliating agents — even though you should do it once every couple of weeks.

The beauty of the hands also depends on how the nails look. If the manicure is neat and beautiful, it glosses over the impression of aging hands.

How to prolong the youth of your hands:

  1. Wash dishes, cook meals and do your cleaning while wearing rubber gloves. If it feels uncomfortable, apply a protective cosmetic product to your skin.
  2. Wear gloves in the cold season and use sunscreens in the summer.
  3. Choose soap with moisturizing ingredients. Stop using an antiseptic with a high alcohol content.
  4. Once per week, give your hands a warm bath and don’t forget to add sea salt and herbal decoctions.
  5. Apply a nourishing cream every night before going to bed. Do peeling 1-2 times per month to remove dead cells.
  6. If the skin surface is covered with cracks and has become dry, apply vegetable oil at night and put polyethylene gloves over them.

Nutrition and habits affect the condition of the skin, too. If you smoke a lot, abuse alcohol or eat what comes first in the refrigerator then you’ll definitely have problems with your skin and health in general.

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