BB Glow, a new treatment for a permanent skin glow

Now, permanent makeup is not only about eyelids and brows. It can also be done on every area of the face. With the Korean-made serum named BB Glow, you can throw away all your foundations, brushes, and sponges. To make your face literally glow, the serum is injected right under your skin with a nanoneedle.

BB Glow: How Does It Work?

BB Glow is just like microneedling. But BB Glow uses a brand-new serum. It moisturizes your skin and causes a permanent effect of foundation. After a treatment, you can stop worrying about your face and finally feel confident about how your skin looks.

The BB Glow serum consists of:

  1. moisturizing components that refresh your skin.
  2. hyaluronic acid that lifts your face.
  3. soothing plant extracts.
  4. aloe to make collagen in a natural way.

These are perfect for your dry skin! Various brands can use different components, but the ones mentioned above are commonly used.

The BB Glow treatment is named after popular BB creams that moisturize, improve, and save your facial skin from the sun. But in the case of BB Glow, the procedure won’t bring through UV radiation. Therefore, before a walk, be sure to use sunscreen, especially in the first week after the treatment.

Why BB Glow?

Like microneedling, the BB Glow treatment enhances the regeneration of skin cells and reduces freckles and severe pigmentation. After the procedure, you can get even-toned skin for a month or more. When the serum gets under the skin, it will moisturize and soothe your face literally daily. The unique serum also fights aging and excessive pigmentation, so it can compare to the most expensive anti-aging products that couldn’t work so deeply under the skin as BB Glow does.

You can get a BB Glow treatment once every 2–4 weeks. It depends on your facial skin conditions and the results you want to get. Regular procedures can guarantee the effect of an ideal face without imperfections or makeup for a long time.

Speaking of the price of a treatment, it is not that high. BB Glow is more affordable than a high-quality foundation. With this Korean-made treatment, you don’t have to waste much time and money to get the same result.

Is BB Glow safe for my skin?

Please talk to your cosmetologist or beautician before the treatment. Anyway, we can say that BB Glow is 100% safe. The procedure does not harm your skin since you can use it once every two weeks; this fact says a lot about its short recovery period. Many patients from South Korea and the United States note that BB Glow is painless and has only positive effects on your skin. But mention that your experience depends on your pain threshold and facial skin conditions.

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