Body Combat Workout

Due to the combination of physical exercises with elements of martial arts, a kind of physical activity called Body Combat has appeared. Such training has certain features.

Key Features

The term Body Combat (BC) is used in relation to group fitness training that combines the following components:

  1. High-intensity aerobic exercises
  2. Choreographic elements

BC differs from other well-known types of physical activity by the mandatory presence of movements that imitate blows from the following types of martial arts:

  1. Karate
  2. Boxing
  3. Taekwondo
  4. Chinese rhythmic combat gymnastics
  5. Capoeira
  6. Muay Thai
  7. Kickboxing
  8. Kung Fu

At the same time, the training is completely contactless. It doesn’t require entering into battle with an opponent. It takes place under the sounds of rhythmic music, which allows you to keep a good pace until the end. The pulse rate for this type of physical activity is kept within the range of 65-90% of the maximum allowable.

It’s recommended to alternate BC with strength training. One of the best options is Body Pump classes. In combination, these two types of physical activity enable you to perfectly train your body.

Positive Properties

Body Combat classes are considered quite difficult. But if you master the correct technique of performing movements, it will allow you to achieve the following advantages:

  1. Reduce weight by burning calories intensively (from 600 calories per hour)
  2. Accelerate metabolic processes
  3. Improve the condition of your blood vessels and heart function
  4. Develop dexterity, body flexibility and coordination
  5. Strengthen the spine and align the posture
  6. Make bone tissues more dense
  7. Relieve emotional tension and increase the ability to withstand stress

A significant advantage of BC is the inclusion of the following muscles in the work:

  1. Legs
  2. Hands
  3. Core
  4. Back
  5. Shoulder girdle

Thanks to such a complex work of the musculature, the body becomes toned. Additionally, the organism becomes more resilient.

Another positive feature of this training is the regular updating of the program with a frequency of once every 3 months. Not only the movements are updated but also the musical soundtrack. Due to this upgrade, the body lacks time to get used to monotonous loads and the effectiveness of classes doesn’t decrease.

Disadvantages and Đ¡ontraindications

Along with the advantages, Body Combat has disadvantages.

The first disadvantage is associated with the high intensity of the training process. To maintain the right pace and avoid making mistakes while doing exercises, you need to have a certain level of physical preparation. This training option isn’t suitable for people without experience in fitness or sports.

Although BC enables you to engage different muscles, it won’t help to make your muscles much bulkier and more prominent. This is its second drawback. Classes tend to be more effective in getting rid of excess weight as well as training coordination and endurance.

Another feature of BC is the presence of exercises that are not typical of conventional cardio training. Instead of jumping, running on the spot or walking on a treadmill, martial arts movements are used in conjunction with choreographic elements. For some people, such non-standardness is a disadvantage as well.

Contraindications to Body Combat classes are considered to be problems in the work of the following organs and body systems:

  1. Heart and blood vessels
  2. Musculoskeletal system (spine and joints)

The following categories of people will also have to give up classes:

  1. Pregnant and lactating women
  2. Those who have suffered a serious injury or surgery
  3. Those who have chronic diseases that have turned into an acute form and the inflammatory process in the body has begun

Body Combat classes are incompatible with any low-calorie diet. During the training period, the body takes on a lot of stress and spends a lot of energy. To prevent serious health problems, it’s necessary to eat a balanced diet. You shouldn’t artificially try to compensate for the deficiency of certain trace elements and beneficial substances, sticking to special sports nutrition.

Helpful Recommendations

To get the maximum positive result from Body Combat without harming your health, you should follow useful recommendations during classes:

  1. Get advice from the trainer. Without such consultation, there will be a high risk of making mistakes with the load, the technique of performing exercises and the regularity of training.
  2. Start slowly and progress in stages. This is the only way the body can adapt to intense loads and non-standard exercises without harm. At the initial stage, the emphasis should be on the technical side of the issue. Only after mastering and consolidating the correct technique, it’s allowed to increase the intensity of training.
  3. Drink enough water. This measure is aimed at preventing dehydration associated with the loss of a large amount of fluid during the training process. You should drink not only before and after the class but also during it.
  4. Exercise regularly. The optimal frequency of classes is 2-3 times per week. On days free from BC, it’s recommended to choose alternative types of exercise for yourself (yoga, strength exercises or low-intensity cardio).
  5. Focus on your well-being. If pain or discomfort occurs during the execution of certain elements, it’s recommended to exclude them from the training program and replace them with others.

As with any other type of fitness, it’s necessary to choose the right clothes and shoes for BodyCombat classes:

  1. Cotton T-shirt or top
  2. Sweatpants or shorts
  3. Comfortable lightweight sneakers

Such equipment won’t interfere with normal sweating, won’t restrict movement and won’t provoke injury.

Training Plan

In the classic version, the BC class lasts 55 minutes and is accompanied by ten energetic musical compositions.

One musical composition is played during the warm-up stage. It combines the following types of load:

  1. Dynamic stretching
  2. Light cardio exercises

Then, the main block follows. Its duration corresponds to eight musical tracks. This block includes the following exercises:

  1. Simulating movements from various martial arts
  2. Developing endurance and strength
  3. High-intensity aerobic exercise
  4. Working out the muscles of the lower back and abdomen

Time for a short rest is allocated between different groups of exercises.

The class ends with stretching exercises that relieve the body of stress. The duration of the cooling-down part equals one music track.

Apart from the standard version, there is a shortened version of the workout, lasting from 30 to 45 minutes. It reduces or eliminates the time for rest between blocks of the class as much as possible.

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