Consequences of an Acne Rash: How to Get Rid of Spots, Pits and Lumps

Acne rashes caused by hormonal surges or improper nutrition don’t disappear without a trace. Lumps, pits and spots of red, gray or blue colors will remain where acne was formerly located on your body. Eliminating such consequences from happening is no easier than getting rid of the acne itself. Cosmetic defects lead to self-doubt, discomfort and stress and it is widely known that it is extremely difficult to conceal them with makeup.

Reasons for visible traces after an acne rash:

  1. Acne was produced by clothes
  2. Attempts were made to squeeze out pimples
  3. The resulting wounds after cleansing, squeezing, or injury failed to heal after a long period of time
  4. The treatment was carried out incorrectly
  5. Large areas of the skin were affected

Cosmetologists advise people should avoid touching their faces with unwashed hands, trying to squeeze out pimples or letting pimples come in contact with their clothes. However, not everyone follows these types of recommendations. When the consequences of an acne rash appear, it’s too late to think about past actions which were incorrect and it becomes vital to eliminate such types of defects.

How to get rid of the after effects of an acne rash:

  1. If your pigmentation is weak and there are no large lumps or pits, try a peeling once every 10 days for six months straight. The skin is renewed when exfoliated. After a series of procedures, acne scars will become invisible.
  2. Once a week perform a facial massage with ice cubes. It helps to stimulate blood circulation and remove stagnation. The main thing is to avoid frostbiting of the skin. During this process, you shouldn’t keep the ice cube in one place.
  3. Use special pharmaceutical ointments or creams to eliminate acne scars. The pharmaceutical industry is constantly developing. There are products for sale that can even out lumps and pits. It’s a long process that takes six months or more.
  4. Use skin whitening creams to remove stains. Under the influence of a whitening agent, purple, blue and pink spots on your face can take over the original skin tone.
  5. Make masks once every 2 weeks from the powder of a dried marsh plant called spongilla. Pour 20 ml of any type of vegetable oil into a bowl, add a pinch of spongilla, mix it and apply it to the surface of the skin. After half an hour you can wash your face. During the first few minutes it will be ineffective to touch your face, smile or talk because of the tingling sensation. This is a normal reaction. The effect will be noticeable in 2-3 days- the skin will begin to flake and its top layer will be completely renewed. If you use more than one pinch of spongilla, red spots will form on your face and the top layer of the skin will be severely damaged. Healing will be painful and will probably take a long time to recover.

Keep in mind that beauty salons and clinics offer certain services to remove the after effects of an acne rash. You can choose the service that suits you best from the range of services they provide.

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