Does the Famous Detox Drink from TikTok Indeed Have Any Benefits?

Even people with the healthiest digestive system require extra help from time to time. As usual, you can find everything on TikTok, including the solution to this problem. A detoxifying drink dubbed “internal shower” is made of water, two tablespoons of chia seeds and lemon. Despite the obvious unpalatable nature of such a mixture, ticktockers from all over the world drink it striving to improve their defecation. Dietitians say that you may want to try as well — and list several warnings.

In fact, this trend is not that crazy and it may have some digestive benefits. First of all, experts on intestinal health note that water (which is the largest component of the mixture) is necessary for digestion. It serves as a medium for removing toxins from the organism. It softens the stool, which prevents constipation. Besides, it contributes to disintegrating food so that your organism efficiently absorbs nutrients. Science has proven that lemons boost gastric secretion and the speed of voiding. To put it simply, this fruit facilitates the processes of food disintegration and digestion.

Nevertheless, the highlight of the mix is the chia seeds. Their primary advantage is the high concentration of soluble and insoluble fiber. These two types of elements join forces to prevent the development of constipation. Fiber makes bowel movements soft and light and also contributes to the rapid passage of food. The recipe requires two tablespoons of chia seeds, which corresponds to about 10 g of fiber. According to nutritionists, this is about 40% of what females should take every 24 hours and 25% for males.

While an “inner shower” might be good for your health, it can also have some side effects. Eating a large amount of chia seeds at a time might lead to unpleasant bloating. Please keep this potential hazard in mind when preparing the drink.

This common trend may be beneficial for your gut — yet just like the majority of well-being trends in this social network, it’s not as miraculous as some people think. An “internal shower” may be useful from time to time. But it’s just a short-term solution and not a long-term approach to improving digestion and the condition of your intestine. Dieticians also advise against drinking this mixture daily. The fact is that chia seeds can swell in the gastrointestinal tract and slow down digestion exceedingly, which makes it mandatory to consume a large amount of water.

Eating a lot of fiber can aggravate problems with defecation as well as provoke bloating and other unpleasant symptoms. Fiber can be especially disagreeable if your organism isn’t used to consuming it in such large quantities. In such cases, doctors recommend introducing fiber into the diet gradually and in small portions. In this case, it would be better to start with one or two teaspoons of chia seeds per full glass of water. If your stomach doesn’t bother you after a few days, feel free to gradually increase the amount of chia seeds.

For patients who’re searching for a long-term solution to a digestive problem, doctors suggest trying any high-quality probiotic supplement. Probiotics are wholesome bacteria that our body requires for normal functioning. Stress, selected drugs, processed food and spirits reduce the amount of good bacteria in our intestines, which leads to discomfort during digestion and other health problems. Such supplements will replenish your intestines with beneficial microorganisms.

If it’s chia seeds that attract you, consider consuming them with pudding or toast or in yogurt. By doing so, you’ll make your nutrition plan both delicious and varied. The “internal shower” advertised in TikTok isn’t a panacea and it shouldn’t be your exclusive source of fiber during the day. To make the most of fiber, it’s essential to constantly consume it with all your meals and snacks.

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