Eat wisely

Some foods have scary effects on our health. It not only causes weight gain and obesity, but it also leads to many diseases. Though we are conscious of it, some of us tend to neglect it.

Onion appetizers

One of those foods are the onion appetizers or onion rings which stand next to French fries. Fried with a coat of batter onion has nearly 800 calories out of which a good 600 is fat! If saturated fat is 54%, around 53% is sodium and cholesterol is 26%. Well, let us not mention the fat, calories and sodium present in the dipping sauce then.

Burgers are favorites

The giant burgers that we gorge from our favorite restaurant chains are loaded with fat, calories and health hazards. A thick burger would contain around 1400 calories with 229% of saturated fat and 110% of sodium. A burger with slices of cheese and double patties should remind you of 100 gm of fat, 45gms of saturated fat and 2700 mg of sodium. Hamdogs are not well behind, anyway. These are all against the rule not to have 20 GMS of saturated fat a day. Plain burgers and salads are safer for a lunch than those succulent meat giants.

Non-child food

Your weight loss ideas might come out great. But you have to see whether it goes the same for your children too. Many of the foods labeled for children have no natural ingredients but a lot of sugar and fruit favors. Nutrition experts say that some of them are not nutritious too.

Desserts cause considerable danger when a cheesecake gets laden with a lot of cookies, candies, and mousse. You are in for at least 600 calories in a cheesecake. In this context, mochas and whipped cream are not far behind offering around 300-600 calories. The low fat milk might help anyway.

If you can avoid having some of these for a long time you can certainly trigger off your weight loss process.

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