Essential Oils for Hair: a Way to Accelerate Growth and Enhance Shine

Hair care can be exhausting. We spend a lot of time and money on beautiful curls. Many products contain substances that damage hair and skin but we want to use pleasant and natural products. There is one simple lifehack to make your hair shine and speed up its growth. You’ll need essential oils and a wooden comb.

How to choose oils for your hair type?

The main thing is that there should be no allergies. For many allergy sufferers, essential oils will become torture. If you’re one of them, such oils won’t help you in any way but will only aggravate the condition of your curls and scalp. Before applying these oils to your head, you need to make sure that they don’t cause irritation and skin flaking. In addition to allergies, essential oils have other contraindications (each flavor has its own ones). Read the instructions for your chosen specific fragrance. Pregnant women, especially in the early stages, should refrain from such hair care.

Mint and rosemary oils are believed to be especially good for hair. You can mix them to boost the effect and get a more complex aroma. However, no one can forbid you to choose any other essential oil. It’s just worth remembering that many oils can color your hair in unusual shades, so blondes should avoid them. Tangerine oil, for example, will make your hair bright orange. It’s better to pour it into special aromatic pendants for the New Year to create a holiday mood.

Apply the selected oils to a wooden comb and use it to brush dry hair. Most often, people do it before going to bed as a grooming ritual, almost a magical one. In many cultures, combing hair can be considered a religious rite. In ancient times, there were special rules for creating hairstyles. Many fairy tales mention artifacts in the form of magic hair combs.

When it comes to essential oils, it’s not the quantity but the quality and regularity of the procedures that matter. A couple of drops will be enough. Owners of long hair can increase the dosage to five drops. If you use more, the strong and persistent aroma of the oils can lead to headaches and irritation of the scalp. To protect your skin, it’s better to apply oils in small quantities to the middle of the comb’s teeth and not to their tips. A minimum of oil will get on your skin and the procedure won’t do you harm.

How to choose a comb for your hair?

Marketplaces offer a great variety of combs from different types of wood. Even bamboo will do. The choice of a tree doesn’t really affect anything, except the looks of the comb. Many even choose a tree species according to a special druid horoscope, so that the comb matches the character of its owner.

The shape of the comb doesn’t matter either: with or without a handle, decorated or simple — anything does, as long as you like it. The main thing is that the teeth should be rare enough to avoid pulling the hair and the scalp.

What’s the effect of brushing your hair with a wooden comb with essential oil?

  1. Scalp massage
  2. Aromatherapy
  3. Persistent fragrance instead of perfume
  4. Smooth and shiny hair

Head massage “wakes up” the capillaries in the skin, which supply nutrients and vitamins to the hair follicles. This accelerates the growth of hair and it becomes stronger and thicker. Regular use of oils nourishes the hair gradually and makes it shiny and radiant almost like in shampoo ads. This is especially relevant for dry hair. However, if your hair tends to be greasy, it can benefit from such treatment too. The hair doesn’t get greasy by itself but only at the expense of the scalp, so regular massage can improve the state of excessively greasy curls.

The hair absorbs well the fragrance from essential oils. It lasts all day. This treatment probably won’t suit people who love to use perfume — unless they can find suitable perfumes that they will be able to combine with essential oils.

It has been scientifically proven that many aromas of essential oils can irritate and destroy pathogens and viruses. Essential oils can help with nasal congestion for many people who’re hooked on vasoconstrictor drops in the nose. The fragrance from the hair not only lifts the mood but also serves as a prevention of ARVI. Yet you shouldn’t rely exclusively on bottles of essential oils. It’s always better to find a doctor or use scientific methods in the fight against diseases first — and only then, resort to aromatherapy.

A daily head massage can also help relieve stress after a day of work. The monotonous movement through the hair calms you and feels like meditation. It’s exactly what you need after a hard day’s work or getting stuck in social networks.

Is it good for curly hair as well?

The curly method suggests that you should comb your hair while it’s still wet. Add essential oils to your care products for curls and treat your hair first. Combs with sparse teeth are spot-on for wavy hair, so you don’t need to look for any special combs. It’s only necessary to make sure that the comb is well-oiled, otherwise, it would fail to move with a sweep on wet hair.

When will the effect become visible?

The hair grows by one centimeter or one and a half per month. To find out how beneficial head massage is for a particular person, you’ll have to wait two months and take measurements with and without massage. You can also trust people on the Internet and believe that massage accelerates hair growth. Visually, the hair will become more shiny and smooth on the third day.

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