Everything You Should Know about Keratin Hair Treatment

Well-groomed and properly styled hair is a key element of a stunning look. If you prefer smooth and shiny hair but do not want to fry it with a straightener every day, you have probably considered getting keratin treatment. Let us find out whether it is a good option for you.

How does keratin hair treatment work?

Keratin is a type of protein. It is the main construction element of the hair. Different factors such as sun, chemicals and thermal styling lead to loss of this essential substance. As a result, your hair becomes excessively porous and looks frizzy and damaged. Keratin treatment aims at restoring the amount of protein in the spots of porosity and sealing up the cuticle so that your hair becomes straight, shiny and manageable.


Depending on your hair type, length and thickness, keratin treatment may take from two up to four hours. First of all, the stylist will thoroughly clean your hair to remove all dirt and buildup. Then the treatment formula is applied to every strand. Generally the product is left to sit for some time so that it could penetrate your hair deeply. Keratin needs heat to be locked into your hair, so the stylist will use a blow dryer or a flat iron. After that the remains of the product are washed off and your hair is dried.

Post-treatment care

Keratin treatment usually lasts up to three months. It has a cumulative effect, so the more often it is done, the longer it stays. Those who use this treatment regularly have to renew it once every six months or even less. To make the result last long, it is crucial to choose the right post-treatment care. Your stylist should give you all the necessary recommendations. Generally it is advised to use a sulfate-free shampoo as it will not wash off keratin too fast. To avoid creases and damages to the hair structure, it is recommended to use a blow dryer instead of letting your hair dry by itself. Keratin treatment is not really compatible with chlorine and salt. You can use a special protective spray before bathing in the sea or in a swimming pool and rinse your hair with clean water right after.

Pros of keratin treatment

Keratin treatment is a really attractive option which has gained a huge popularity. Its main benefits are as follows:

  1. Shine and smoothness. Keratin treatment is a perfect solution not only for girls who just want their hair straight and obedient. It gives a glossy and healthy look even to severely damaged hair.
  2. Preventing the ends from splitting and breaking and providing a faster growth.
  3. Far easier hair routine. Without the need to style your hair every day, you save a lot of time and effort.

Cons of keratin treatment

However, nothing is perfect. Keratin treatment has several drawbacks and contraindications that you should be aware of:

  1. Loss of volume. Right after the treatment you can notice that your hair looks a bit too sleeky, but do not be disappointed so fast. Part of the volume will be retained after one or two washes.
  2. Possibility of discoloration. If you have coloured hair, we would recommend consulting your stylist on this topic before the procedure.
  3. Chemical composition of the products. When heated, most keratin formulas release formaldehyde fumes which can potentially lead to respiratory difficulties. It is still debatable whether the intake of formaldehyde during keratin treatment is high enough to cause any harm. We would advise to make sure that the room where you take the procedure is well ventilated. Besides, pregnant women and those with respiratory diseases should refrain from this kind of hair treatment.

Alternatives to salon treatment

Keratin is a powerful ingredient. For those who for some reasons do not want to take salon treatment, there are numerous keratin-infused products for home hair care. Of course, one should not expect the same results from them as from going to a stylist’s, but they are still a time and money saving alternative which can enhance the way your hair looks. For example, keratin shampoos and conditioners are often used after salon treatment, but can serve as independent products as well. Keratin serums and hair masks will also do a good job for damaged and frizzy hair.

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