Eyelash Extensions: How to Get Rid of Watery Eyes after the Procedure

Having beautiful eyelashes makes you feel more confident and removes the need to thoroughly apply mascara on each lash every day- followed by washing it off in the evening. It can also be uncomfortable since you have to avoid rubbing your eyelids or sleeping in a face-down position. All of the the above mentioned is nothing compared to having watery eyes after having your lashes done. The eyelids start itching, and you feel the urge to scratch them by rinsing off the glue that bonds the synthetic lashes to your natural eyelashes. Not to mention, I t’s definitely not recommended after the extension procedure.

Reasons you may have watery eyes:

  1. The glue touched your eyes’ mucous membrane, which caused irritation.
  2. An allergic reaction to glue or other products.
  3. Lash technicians save on materials and use low-quality products.
  4. One eye or both eyes were injured in the process.
  5. The technician made a mistake during the procedure. Your lashes weren’t properly applied and were applied too far from the eyelid, or some steps of the procedure were skipped, etc.

An allergic reaction can cause not only watery eyes, but also sneezing and a runny nose. A rash may appear on your eyelids. They will get red and swollen. You should remove the extensions, wash your eyes, and take an antihistamine. In other cases, the problem can be solved within several hours.

How to get rid of watery eyes after the procedure:

  1. Don’t use color cosmetics for a while to avoid irritating your eyes even more.
  2. Make a chamomile decoction, and rinse your eyelids. You’ll need 300 ml of water and 10 g of dried flowers. To cool the decoction, put it in the fridge for 15 minutes.
  3. Use eye drops that alleviate inflammation and irritation.
  4. Take an antihistamine medication that treats itching, redness, and watery eyes.

It’s not recommended to do lash extensions if you’re prone to allergies, mucosal inflammation, or you wear contact lenses. It’s no use to wear extensions if you have oily skin due to the fact that artificial lashes fall out relatively quickly.

In most cases, the watery eyes symptom disappears in several hours after the procedure. In the process, the lash glue fumes cause irritation. If it’s getting worse, you should remove your extensions.

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