Eyelashes Have Dried Out After Lamination – What Are the Ways to Restore Them

Many women blessed with naturally thick and long eyelashes often opt for lamination over extensions. Lamination not only visually enhances lash volume but also imparts a healthy shine to the lashes, making the eyes appear more expressive. The formulations used in this procedure typically incorporate nourishing oils, minerals, and vitamins, aiming to improve lash health. However, despite these beneficial components, eyelashes can become dry and brittle after lamination, necessitating a lengthy restoration process.

Several factors contribute to eyelash dryness post-lamination:

  1. Prolonged exposure of the composition to the lashes can lead to breakage, partial fallout, and tip twisting.
  2. Application of the product too close to the hair follicles may cause irritation and dryness at the roots.
  3. Poor-quality composition may fail to adequately saturate the lashes with beneficial substances, resulting in dryness.
  4. Excessive manipulation by the specialist, such as pulling on the lashes with a rigid roller, can cause injury and distortion.

If only the tips of the eyelashes are dry, it typically takes a week or two to restore them after lamination. During this period, refrain from trimming the tips, using curling tongs, or applying multiple layers of mascara, as these actions can worsen the condition of the lashes. Completely dried eyelashes may fall out, stick out in different directions, or break off at the root. Shedding up to six lashes per day is considered normal.

To restore over-dried eyelashes after lamination, follow these steps:

  1. In the evening, remove makeup gently using cleansing milk, then wash your face and blot your eyelids with a napkin. Allow 10 minutes for moisture to evaporate completely.
  2. Apply a thin layer of castor oil with a clean brush, taking care not to overdo it to prevent oil from entering the eyes. It’s advisable to do this 1-2 hours before bedtime for optimal absorption.
  3. In the morning, wash off any remaining oil using a foam cleanser. Due to its greasiness, it may require 2-3 washes to remove completely.
  4. Once per week, apply a mixture of avocado and burdock oils in equal proportions to aid in restoring over-dried eyelashes. This healing remedy can stimulate the growth of new lashes within 2-4 weeks. During the recovery period, avoid using decorative cosmetics, as removing them with cotton sponges can harm the delicate lashes.

By diligently following these steps, you can effectively restore over-dried eyelashes after lamination and promote their health and vitality.

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