Hair Gets Electrified: the Reasons for the Problem and the Ways to Fix It

Your hairstyle can’t look neat if the hair is electrified. The thinner, lighter, and cleaner the hair, the more likely it is to get electrified. If your hair is unwashed and greasy and the strands are elastic and thick, this phenomenon shouldn’t bother you.

Why does hair get electrified:

  1. There was a sharp drop in air temperature.
  2. The air is dry due to hot weather or heating turned on.
  3. Curls are over-dried with a flat iron, a hairdryer, or another hair care device.
  4. The strands were rubbed against a hat, hood, or combed with a brush for a long time.
  5. The body suffers from a lack of fluid, leading to dehydration.

Our hair strands conduct electricity well, especially when dry. When in contact with synthetic headwear or clothing, they get charged with static electricity. Removing your headwear will cause the strands to stick out in different directions, resulting in inconvenience.

What to do if your hair gets electrified:

  1. Use an anti-static agent before putting on a hat, sweater, or other clothing with a large amount of synthetic material.
  2. Apply an oily cosmetic product to the entire length of your hair, such as essential oil or leave-in hair mask.
  3. Collect water in your palm and slightly wet the surface of your hair.
  4. Moisten the comb with vegetable oil and brush your hair.

These methods will provide relief for a short time, but the hair strands may still remain lifeless and their tips may start to split. Proper care is essential to address the problem more effectively.

How to prevent electrification of your hair:

  1. Protect your hair from direct sunlight and frost by wearing a hat in summer and a warm hat in autumn and winter. Ensure your headwear is not too small, as this may increase friction.
  2. Stay hydrated and maintain fluid levels in your body. Consider doing wet cleaning in the room before going to bed or using a humidifier during the heating period. Taking a vitamin complex every 4-6 months can also help.
  3. During washing, apply shampoo only to the roots of your hair and rinse thoroughly. Wash your hair with warm water no more than three times per week. After washing, apply a nourishing mask containing oils. For styling, use hair foam, gel, or hairspray.
  4. Minimize the use of a flat iron or a hairdryer, as frequent use can cause hair electrification.
  5. Use a brush made of wood with natural bristles for combing your hair. Also, choose clothes that are free from synthetic components.

Salon procedures can help you forget about hair electrification for several months. Polishing, keratin straightening, or lamination are effective treatments to achieve this.

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