Hair Won’t Grow: Reasons for the Problem and the Solution to It

Permanent hair loss is a normal physiological process and keep in mind that hair tends to fall out more abundantly during combing and washing. A person loses from 50 to 150 villi per day. The average lifespan of a single villi is 3-6 years. At the same time, the length of the curls keeps changing continuously because they are constantly growing. When you want to grow long curls, it might turn out that their length fails to change. This means that the hair isn’t actually growing. At the same time, it’s possible that the ends may be split and you need to trim them.

Here are the reasons why hair fails to grow:

  1. Incompetent care, including repeated combing, drying with a hot stream of air, combing wet curls and frequent use of dyes. All this produces a negative effect: the villi thin out, delaminate, break off and stop growing.
  2. Poor nutrition, lack of vitamins and trace elements. This affects the condition of the skin and your overall health in general.
  3. Genetic predisposition.
  4. Poor blood circulation.
  5. Issues with the gastrointestinal tract, on which the work of all systems in the body depends.
  6. Depression and constant stress due to problems at home or at work.
  7. Unfavorable environmental situation: polluted air, poor-quality food and bad water.
  8. Excessive use of styling products: sprays, mousses, gels, etc.
  9. Chronic diseases and hormonal imbalance.

If the nails and skin are in a deplorable state too, this indicates a malfunction in the body. In order to begin the treatment process, make sure that you don’t have serious diseases that affect your hair growth; and then, try to improve the situation.

What to do if the hair won’t start to grow:

  1. Take a full vitamin complex once every 4-5 months and try to move around more often.
  2. Revise your diet and diversify it with healthy products, including greens, fish and citrus fruits.
  3. Take proper care of your hair without combing it in a wet state or using hot air for drying.
  4. Select the dye to match your natural hair color; that is if it’s impossible to abandon the use of dyes. Try to color your hair as rarely as possible. Keep in mind that you may switch to tonics that are more gentle.
  5. Perform a head massage while washing your hair and before going to bed to improve blood circulation. For these purposes, it’s worth buying a special massager. Five minutes of massage per day is enough to normalize blood circulation.
  6. Avoid stressful situations, get enough sleep and spend more time walking outdoors if the hair won’t continue to grow.
  7. Trim the tips/ends once every 2-3 months.

Don’t expect the situation to improve in a couple of weeks. That’s not going to happen. The result will become noticeable only after 4-6 months.

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