How to Cleanse Your Face Efficiently and Quickly from Blemishes, Blackheads and Flaking

It’s a luxury to have clean skin if you’re permanently busy and live in a polluted environment. Poor-quality tap water, a layer of makeup worn from morning to evening, stress, and dirty air all negatively affect the appearance and condition of your skin. The face becomes constantly covered with blackheads and blemishes, with some areas flaking. Failure to cleanse the surface of your face regularly leads to inflammation, acne, and eventually, wrinkles. Deep cleansing should be done less frequently, ideally once per week.

Here’s how to quickly cleanse your face of blackheads, flaking, and blemishes:

  1. Start by washing off your makeup with foam, ensuring to massage the soapy surface well with your fingers to remove all traces of sebum and dust.
  2. Pour boiled water from the kettle into a small basin and hold your face above the steam, covering it with a towel. Be cautious not to get too close to the boiling water to avoid burns. After 15 minutes, remove the towel.
  3. Pat dry the steamed skin surface with a napkin. In a saucer, mix 20 ml of hydrogen peroxide with 1 tbsp of soda. Gently rub the mixture into your face, paying extra attention to flaking areas and areas with blackheads. Avoid excessive pressure to prevent scratches or irritation. Leave the mixture on for 10 minutes, then rinse off with hot water.
  4. Wash your hands and manually remove “ripe” blackheads from your face’s surface. Disinfect the extraction sites with alcohol, but avoid touching any unripe pimples.
  5. Finish by washing your skin with cold water to tighten pores, then apply a moisturizer.

It’s advisable to perform a quick facial cleansing before bedtime to allow your skin to rest without the presence of decorative cosmetics. Additionally, consider changing your pillowcases regularly, as they harbor millions of pathogens that can exacerbate acne.

For those with flaky skin, here’s how to cleanse the face effectively:

  1. Cleanse the skin from dust, sebum, and makeup by washing with water and foam.
  2. Steam the face by adding a decoction of chamomile to boiling water.
  3. Use a scrub, such as one made with soda or coffee grounds, on areas with blackheads but no inflammation or flakiness.
  4. Rinse the face with cool water, and if there are blackheads, gently squeeze them out with clean hands before rinsing again.
  5. Apply a mask by mixing 1 tsp of olive oil with 1 tbsp of grated fresh cucumber pulp in a glass container. After an hour, remove the mask with a napkin, avoiding washing the face.
  6. In the morning, use a scrub to cleanse the face if there are no signs of inflammation, followed by the application of a nourishing cream.

Remember, skin problems often arise from infrequent and poor cleansing, inadequate nutrition, and the use of low-quality cosmetics.

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