How to Find Your Unique Style?


Fashion is changing too fast, so you can’t rely on it. Each person should have their own style that will reveal their unique personality. It isn’t easy to find your own style when there are so many new fashion trends around that you want to try. If you blindly follow the trends, you may buy new things that might fail to match each other at all. You’ll accumulate a pile of unnecessary clothes, which you don’t even like.

Sort out your clothes

You already have enough clothes to analyze. Only after studying your wardrobe, you’ll be able to understand your tastes. Keep track of which clothes you wore most often and which ones have been gathering dust in your closet for years. Maybe, you have a lot of clothing items of the same type — for example, pastel sweaters. If you possess many pieces of the same kind, it means you’re comfortable with them. Identify patterns and ignore things that you don’t wear. Comfortable items that you like should be the basis of your style.

Watch yourself

Have you ever realized that when you look at other people, you notice certain clothes on them that you forbid to buy for yourself? You can pay attention to how other women wear leather skirts but you’re afraid to wear one yourself. If something catches your eye, perhaps you subconsciously feel that it should be yours. To find your own style, don’t be afraid to try new things.

Find inspiration

Everyone has their idols. These can be actors, models, movie characters or anyone else. If you like someone’s style, you can always use it as a source of inspiration. Look for photos with the looks that you’d like to wear. Try to recreate them. First, use only your own things. Then, try to do so while shopping. Avoid blindly copying someone else. Look for ideas and adapt them to yourself.


It might always happen that you’ve been driving yourself into certain limits all your life. Your current clothes might fail to reflect your inner world at all. Then, it’s worth experimenting with looks. Try something unusual for you. Only through trial and error, you’ll be able to find your unique style.

Listen to yourself

Your style is a reflection of your inner world. No one knows you as well as you do. You can endlessly listen to other people’s advice but only you can determine your own style. You just need to be able to listen to your inner voice to understand whether you really like the clothes or it’s simply fashionable now.

Bottom line:

It’s very easy to understand that you have found your unique style. If this is it, then, you’ll like your reflection in the mirror. You’ll feel comfortable and confident. Your wardrobe will cease to be a pile of disparate items. You’ll be able to easily combine different pieces with each other.

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