How to Make Eye Shadows with Your Own Hands from Natural Ingredients

You don’t need a huge cosmetics bag filled with various makeup products to achieve a stylish and fresh look. You can create beautiful makeup using handmade cosmetics, and when the ingredients are all-natural, they can also be beneficial. Eye shadow is one such product that’s easy to prepare at home.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own eye shadow:

  1. Powdered activated carbon
  2. White chalk
  3. Cocoa powder
  4. Crushed turmeric
  5. Boiled beetroot
  6. Additional ingredients: pharmacy-grade alcohol and glycerin
  7. Tools: a toothpick and a spoon
  8. Cosmetic containers: small glass or plastic jars, or containers that previously held store-bought shadows (disinfected with hydrogen peroxide or boiling water)

Handmade shadows may not be as intensely pigmented as store-bought ones, but they are natural and gentle on the skin.

Here’s how to make your own eye shadow:

  1. Brown Eye Shadow: Mix 0.5 tsp of cocoa powder with 1 drop of glycerin and 2 drops of alcohol. Use pure cocoa without impurities like sugar or milk powder. Transfer the mixture to your prepared container, mixing it with a toothpick. Flatten it with a spoon, tap it against a hard surface to remove excess air, smooth it out again, and press it lightly on top. Leave it in a closed container for a day.
  2. Black Eye Shadow: Crush 2-3 activated charcoal tablets in a mortar. Add an equal amount of alcohol and glycerin as in the first recipe. Stir and transfer to a shadow container. Follow the same steps as above, and your eye shadow will be ready in a day.
  3. White Eye Shadow: Crumble white children’s chalk and put 0.5 tsp of powder into a disinfected container. Add the same two components as in the previous recipes. The color will be pale, not milky or saturated. If you add a pinch of cocoa to the chalk, it will give it a coffee tint.
  4. Pink Eye Shadow: Crumble white chalk and pour 1 tsp of powder into a jar. Add 2 drops of boiled beet juice, alcohol, and glycerin.
  5. Yellow Eye Shadow: Mix one-third of a spoonful of turmeric with the same amount of starch. Add 2 drops of glycerin and alcohol.

It’s important not to use the prepared eye shadow immediately. Alcohol is present in their composition, and it needs to evaporate. Applying it too soon may dry out the skin, leading to flaking and redness. Allow it to sit before use.

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