How to Paint Eyelashes with Mascara So That They Look Perfect

Many ladies have begun to forget how to use regular mascara because they wear lash extensions all the time. They should periodically remove their extended eyelashes to restore their native ones. In such cases, it might be stressful to look in the mirror because the eyes become inexpressive. While the new villi grow back, the remaining ones recover — and you have to use regular mascara. Instead of simply applying a layer of cosmetics, you should know how to paint every single eyelash.

How to apply mascara to your eyelashes to make them look perfect:

  1. Wait until the hairs dry after washing. It’s necessary that they are not wet or stuck to one another Comb them with a brush, starting from the roots. At the same time, it’s important to avoid touching the mucous membrane of the eyelid. Otherwise, it will turn your eye red and will begin to itch. It will become impossible to scratch the eyelid.
  2. Apply the first layer with your eyes wide open. For the first layer, it’s ideal to use a waterproof product. It will help to create the correct shape and lift for the villi. Hold the brush horizontally and move it strictly upwards. Start from the very base; otherwise, the lower part may remain without paint Then, switch to the corners, tilting the brush so that it doesn’t bend the lashes. It’s essential that no lumps are formed on the brush during this process.
  3. It’s more difficult to paint the lower eyelashes with mascara because they’re relatively short. They often come into contact with the skin under your eyes and can leave marks on it. You should apply only waterproof products to them. Paint them with the tip of the brush, sharply dragging it down from the roots.
  4. When the product dries, powder your upper lashes. Take a volumizing mascara and paint the lashes with vibrating movements, slightly twitching the brush from one side to the other. It’s important to avoid overdoing it. Otherwise, the eyelashes might stick out in different directions later on. If after all that mentioned above it seems to you that your look is not expressive and open enough, repeat the process of applying the powder and coloring the lashes with mascara once again.
  5. Wait 5 minutes until the makeup dries without touching your eyes. Comb the villi, separating them. If a lump has formed somewhere, feel free to just comb it out.

The only thing left to do is to remove dark marks left by cosmetics on your eyelids with a cotton swab moistened with tonic. You can apply mascara to your eyelashes by applying between 3-5 layers. If you apply too much of the product or make too many layers, the eyelashes will stick together, which will be hard on the eyes.

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