How to Remove Makeup If You Have Lash Extensions

Makeup removal is a procedure that is necessary to do every night. You need to cleanse your eyelids and the whole face from decorative cosmetics, dust and sebaceous gland secretions. If you have natural eyelashes, you don’t have to be too careful when using a tonic and a cleanser. But with extended villi, it’s essential to use with delicate care — otherwise, the villi will begin to pop off immediately after the procedure.

What will come in handy for removing makeup with extended eyelashes:

  1. Cotton swabs and discs
  2. Product/s for removing cosmetics — it shouldn’t contain any oils
  3. Washing foam and a towel for your face

You shouldn’t use oily care cosmetics, rub your eyelids or press the villi with your hands or cotton pads. Oils and oily creams dissolve the glue. As a result, the hairs pop off and fall out. If you apply mascara, you’re allowed to remove it only with washing gel and micellar water that lack oily components. You can’t completely remove long-lasting cosmetics by washing your face — the preliminary use of cleansing products is necessary.

Here is a guide on how to remove makeup if you have lash extensions:

  1. Apply micellar water to a cotton sponge. Cleanse your face and eyelids, but without touching the base of your eyelashes.
  2. Moisten a cotton swab with micellar water. Remove the residuals of eye shadows and contour pencil. Cleanse the corners of your eyes. Don’t allow the product to linger in the place where your hairs are glued — otherwise, the glue will get wet.
  3. If you need to remove mascara, do it quickly. Start from the tips of the eyelashes and gradually move towards the base.
  4. Wash off the residuals of the cosmetics with water and washing foam. Rinse your face with cold water at the end of the procedure.
  5. Dab your face with a towel. Completely avoid pressing the towel on your eyelids or rubbing your eyelids.

If you constantly apply makeup to the eyelids with extended eyelashes and then remove your makeup, this can significantly reduce the lifespan of your villi. Keep in mind, you will have to make a correction more often.

What makes the extended villi pop off:

  1. Contact with salt water on a vacation at sea
  2. Frequent use of mascara, contour pencil/s or eye shadows
  3. Scratching the eyelids; visiting a bath or sauna
  4. Applying oily eye shadows, foundation and care products to the eyelids
  5. Use of waterproof cosmetics that are difficult to remove
  6. Incorrect makeup removal

It’s worth choosing decorative makeup products that won’t harm your hairs. It’s ok to use non-waterproof mascara — but it makes more sense to apply it only on the lower row of your eyelashes. Preferably, you should buy dry powder eye shadows to be safe.

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