How to Stay Young Longer Without Surgery and Cosmetologists

No one wants to discover wrinkles, sagging flabby skin and other age-related changes on their face prematurely. And you can still look good at an old age. To avoid worrying that you might appear to look old faster than expected, it makes sense to take care of this in advance. It’s wise to adhere to a few rules.

How to stay young longer:

  1. Change your bed linen more frequently, especially the pillowcases. After you touch a dirty pillowcase with your skin, possible irritation or rashes will take place and, eventually, wrinkles appear on your face. Millions of microbes live not only on the rim of the toilet bowl — there are many of them on your bed linen that isn’t washed on time. Change pillowcases every 3 days and wash them at a temperature between 60- 90 degrees.
  2. Squint, shift your eyebrows and frown less often. Your facial muscles are attached to the skin and are located superficially. Mimics enables us to communicate with people as well as express our feelings and mood. The first wrinkles appear in the corners of your eyes and lips. If you frown frequently, wrinkles form between the eyes. If your vision is poor, wrinkles form on your eyelids.
  3. Sunbathe moderately. Aggressive sun rays dry out the skin and force the body to defend itself by actively producing melanin. This leads to premature aging of the skin. To stay young longer, it’s necessary to sunbathe properly — that is, using sunscreens and moisturizing cosmetics. Stay in the open sun for no more than 50 minutes per day and only in the morning and evening.
  4. Buy only high-quality make up and personal care cosmetics. You shouldn’t buy lipsticks, foundation creams or facial masks in the subway underpass or from the hands of unknown individuals at the train station. Such purchases should be made in a pharmacy or in specialized stores.
  5. Drink a lot of still water but not sweet or alcoholic beverages. To stay young longer, you should replenish the reserves of fluid daily. This fluid leaves the body via breathing and perspiration. Drink 2 liters of water per day — even preferably, 2.5 liters. During physical exertion and during a hot period, increase the amount of water consumed to 3-3.5 liters per day.
  6. Monitor your nutrition. Your health, well-being and weight depend on which products you consume. If your diet is varied and includes raw vegetables, fruits, dairy products, fish or meat, then wrinkles won’t appear too soon.
  7. Spend less time seated at the computer, watching TV or lying on the couch with the phone in your hands. Walk, play sports, take trips and hike more frequently. Sports help to keep you looking younger longer — it can be some morning jogging, cycling or daily long-distance walking.
  8. Don’t be nervous for no particular reason — ideally, don’t be nervous at all. Stress and overexertion affect the quality of life. Age-related changes appear much earlier in people who experience stress constantly than in those who easily overcome daily problems.

Of course, you should never allow exhaustion and vitamin deficiency into your body. Treat chronic diseases in time to stay looking younger longer and avoid overloading your body with the constant struggle of different types of ailments.

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