How to Sunbathe Properly

Many people love summer primarily because of the sunny weather and the opportunity to sunbathe. However, too long and frequent sunbathing sessions can be highly dangerous to your health, so you should follow the safety rules.

How long can I sunbathe?

Suntan enthusiasts tend to lie in the sun for a long time. But, unfortunately, this habit is detrimental to their health and can have many negative consequences. The skin that has been exposed to sunlight for a long time is especially susceptible to the formation of highly hazardous modifications that can negatively affect health. For this reason, it is particularly important to follow the rules of reasonable sunbathing and avoid exceeding the time limits for staying in the sun. The question of how long you can sunbathe depends on your skin type. The general rule is: the darker the skin, the longer you can enjoy sunny weather. Very pale people are recommended to stay in the sun for a maximum of 30-60 minutes at a radiation index of 5-6 and a maximum of 20-30 minutes at an index of 7. This index determines the intensity of the sun. People with moderately dark skin can sunbathe for 1-2 hours at an index of 5-6 and 30-60 minutes when it exceeds 7. It is worth emphasizing another important aspect, which is the timing of your sunbathing sessions. You should avoid sunbathing from 11 to 15 because, at this time, the radiation is the most intense.

Don’t forget about protection!

The use of products with an SPF filter is one of the basic principles of safe sunbathing. However, many people make a serious mistake by applying such products only after they arrive at the beach. Sunscreen should be applied about half an hour before going outside. The skin needs to absorb the product properly so that the latter becomes able to protect it. Besides, don’t forget to apply subsequent layers of sunscreen every two hours. Due to contact with sand and your towel, the applied layer of the product will be decreasing. It will no longer provide the required protective effect. It’s vital to re-apply the product even more often to more sensitive areas, such as hands, nose and ears.

Protective measures when swimming

There is nothing more enjoyable than a relaxing swim in a lake or pool in the hot summer. However, water enhances the effect of solar radiation, so swimming requires special measures to protect the skin from negative consequences. First of all, you need to purchase waterproof sunscreen. Due to its properties, it won’t get washed off under the influence of water. Thus, it will help you to avoid being sunburned. After getting out of the water, you also need to thoroughly dry yourself with a towel. Don’t wait for the water to dry naturally. The water droplets on the body make the sun rays focus even stronger, which can lead to painful burns.

Sunbathing is very pleasant and it can help you become more attractive. However, it’s necessary to remember that solar radiation also has a negative impact. Therefore, it’s essential to strictly adhere to the safety rules of sunbathing.

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