How to Tighten the Skin on Your Face at Home After Losing Weight

Extra weight brings along inconvenience, health problems and self-doubt. However, dietitians don’t recommend losing weight in a quick manner. If you do so quickly, the skin becomes flabby and wrinkled. It lacks time to tighten up. Slowly losing weight enables the body to adjust and recover responsibly. With age, even if you get rid of excess weight slowly, this process entails the formation of deep wrinkles on your face and body. This happens due to the loss of elasticity in your skin. It’s possible to tighten the skin surgically after losing weight as well. There are simple plastic surgeries — but not every woman is ready for the risk of intervention. You can restore the elasticity of your skin and get rid of the wrinkles that have formed on your own at home as well.

How to tighten the skin on your face after losing weight:

  1. Do special exercises for your face — also known as facebuilding. Exercises in combination with massages using rollers is aimed at strengthening the facial muscles. During this process the condition of the skin improves, the facial oval is corrected and wrinkles disappear.
  2. Constantly moisturize your skin with creams that contain vitamins and collagen. Don’t buy cosmetics somewhere near the subway underpass but in a pharmacy or specialty store to avoid running into fake brands.
  3. Quit smoking. The skin of smokers begins to sag earlier. The muscles around their mouths and chins weaken. Drink more fluids so that there is no shortage of liquid in the body.
  4. Eat more nuts, seafood, eggs, dairy products and meat. This food is rich in amino acids and proteins, which are the building blocks of cells.
  5. Wash your face by alternating with warm and cool water. In the process of washing, collagen is actively produced. You need it to tighten the skin after weight loss.
  6. Be less stressed out and get enough sleep. Stress not only spoils your appearance but also causes diseases. Poor-quality sleep negatively affects the body, too.

It’s important to choose high-quality care cosmetics from a well-established manufacturer. Clean your face twice per day with a tonic and moisturize it with gel or cream. Scrub your face and apply nourishing masks once every 3 days.

The salon procedures which can tighten the skin on your face after losing weight:

  1. Radiofrequency thermal lifting
  2. Thread lifting
  3. Professional massage twice per week
  4. Electromyostimulation

When planning to get rid of excess weight, it’s worth considering that with rapid weight loss the skin on the whole body will sag. And keep in mind that if you lose 2-3 kg per month, the problem won’t take on such a large-scale effect.

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