How to Use Castor Oil to Grow a Beard

Castor oil is a well-known product used to improve the growth of hair, eyelashes and beard. It is added to hair masks, styling products and even mascara. A lot of folk style recipes contain this ingredient. With the help of castor oil you should be able to grow an enviable beard in just a few weeks. Your beard will be super attractive with its healthy glow.

How castor oil affects the beard:

  1. Strengthens the follicles, preventing the hairs from falling out.
  2. Prevents the natural moisture from evaporating and eliminates dryness.
  3. Makes the hair surface smooth and softens it actually.
  4. Relieves inflammatory processes in the follicles and on the surface of your skin.
  5. Visually increases the volume and stimulates the growth of new villi.

This product is made from castor beans. In countries with a temperate climate, people plant these beans to decorate their garden plots. There are cosmetics for sale which are strictly made on the basis of producing castor oil. They are designed for hair care but they’re also suitable for beards.

How to use castor oil to grow a beard:

  1. Buy a pure product without impurities from the pharmacy. Any country of origin will do.
  2. Apply 5-7 drops to your palm with a dispenser. Add the same amount of any other vegetable oil, so that the consistency is not viscous. Flax seed, burdock or sunflower oil will do. If there is no dispenser available, you’re allowed to use a pipette. Rub the resulting mixture with your palms so that it warms up from your body temperature and becomes pliable.
  3. Remove the product with your fingertips from one palm. Rub it into the roots of the villi by running your fingers inside of the beard. Then, do the same with the other palm. If it seems to you that the amount is insufficient, repeat step 2 without putting too much effort into it — otherwise, the facial hair will become wet and greasy spots will appear on your clothes. It’s challenging to wash off the residue of this product so be careful.
  4. Comb the villi with a brush which has sparse teeth. Start from the roots and stretch the product along the entire length of the beard. During this process, correct the hairs so that they’re located in the right direction of growth.
  5. Leave for about half an hour to 3 hours. Rinse with warm water while using the soap. Then, rinse with cool water so that the pores close. It’s undesirable to leave the product on your face for more than 3 hours since it doesn’t allow the skin to breathe and clogs the pores.
  6. Blot the washed hairs with a dry cloth and comb them. Let them dry naturally — or use a hair dryer, guiding the hairs with a comb.

It takes time to grow a beard with the help of castor oil. If you have no endocrine diseases or genetic features, the villi will start to grow after the first procedure.

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