I Have a Downy Beard Instead of a Regular One: How to Fix the Situation

The beard symbolizes a man’s masculinity. It makes a person look more brutal and becomes a highlight of their appearance, which others can’t ignore. Thick facial hair fits into any style, including business. But what if your beard is downy? It’s quite possible to turn soft sparse villi into lush facial hair.

Why does fluff grow instead of a beard:

  1. Young age. During puberty, rare soft hairs appear on the face of young men. Eventually, they evolve to become thick bristles. You need to wait until this period ends.
  2. Low testosterone levels in the body.
  3. In the family, the representatives of the stronger sex lacked thick facial hair. This was transmitted by genes.
  4. Chronic diseases, such as psoriasis.
  5. Deficit of iron in the organism.

Poor skin care can also affect facial hair so that fluff grows instead of a beard. Besides, the following factors impact the growth of bristles: nutrition, lifestyle, the atmosphere in one’s home and relationships with colleagues at work (constant stress provokes the malfunctioning of different parts of the body). First of all, you need to stop being nervous and then, start growing the bristle.

What to do when fluff grows instead of a beard:

  1. Shave it off daily or every other day. Make sure to steam the skin in advance. The blade should be sharp. Pass it only in the direction of the growth of the villi.
  2. After each shave, apply moisturizer on your skin: a balm, milk or foam.
  3. Eat more fish and meat. Take supplementary vitamins.
  4. Start exercising without exhausting yourself. It won’t hurt you to go to the gym or sign up for martial arts.
  5. Thoroughly take care of your face, washing off dust and dirt every day. Use a peeling to clean clogged pores every 7-10 days. In the evening, apply a moisturizer.
  6. Lubricate the bristles 1-2 times per week with castor oil, applying only a few drops.
  7. Massage with a soft brush or comb, trying not to scratch your face. Massage boosts blood circulation, which makes the villi grow more intensively.
  8. Undergo a course of treatment if eczema or some other disease that affects the condition of your skin doesn’t give rest.
  9. Stop being nervous. This is the most important thing because most diseases occur on a nervous basis.
  10. Take hormonal drugs that improve hair growth. Please consult a doctor before following this recommendation.

The pharmaceutical industry enables men to solve most of the problems associated with facial hair. But if a beard is downy, you should first learn how to take care of the bristle and normalize your lifestyle. Only then, take medications.

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