Lip Tattooing: How Healing Goes and What Are the Ways to Speed up the Process

If you decide to get a lip tattoo, it’s worth considering that healing after the procedure takes at least two weeks. When the color appears, the wounds will heal, and the rashes will disappear. You’ll have to make a correction. In places where herpetic rashes appear after the procedure, the tone becomes less bright. Healing takes place in different ways for different individuals. It depends on the predisposition to rashes, the rate of skin regeneration – which becomes slower with age – and the skill level of the professional performing the procedure. If only the contour drawing has been performed, the skin will heal rather quickly, and unpleasant sensations will be minimal. After the technique of filling and shading has taken place, the healing of the lips tends to be more painful and slower, as the pigment is injected under the skin and over the entire surface.

Here’s how the healing of the lips is expected to happen after tattooing:

  1. The swelling lasts for the first 1-3 days and gradually subsides. How quickly the swelling goes away depends on the complexity of the procedure and the specifics of the body.
  2. During the first hours after the procedure, the pigment usually looks excessively bright. This tends to pass after healing.
  3. Within the first 5 days, there is pain and numbness. During these days, you’ll have to talk less and consume liquid food through a straw.
  4. After the swelling is gone, the surface looks stretched. A barely visible film is formed on top, which you shouldn’t tear off.

You shouldn’t wash your face in the first 5-7 days after the procedure. Water shouldn’t get on the treated surface. Washing is replaced by wiping the face with a tonic or lotion. When the crusts heal, itching appears. It will disturb you until the crusts fall off. At the same time, it’s forbidden to touch the surface with your hands. The presence of itching is a sign of rapid healing.

Here’s how to speed up the healing of lips after tattooing:

  1. Apply antiseptic ointment with a healing effect every 2-3 hours.
  2. When herpetic bubbles appear, use antiviral ointment, applying a thin layer strictly to the problem area.
  3. In the morning and in the evening, make lotions by wetting cotton pads with an alcohol-free disinfectant. Chlorhexidine or miramistin will do.
  4. After using the antiseptic, moisturize the skin with Vaseline to prevent dehydration.

Professionals who perform lip tattooing recommend starting to take an antiviral drug at least a week before the procedure. This must be done to prevent herpetic rashes. Finish taking the medication 1-2 weeks after tattooing.

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