Long Nails: How to Grow Them Quickly

Maintaining a pristine manicure is a priority for every woman. While artificial nail extensions can provide instant length, they often result in thinner and delaminated natural nails. If you’re looking to grow your own nails without relying on salon procedures, a little effort can go a long way in ensuring long and robust nail plates.

Effective Ways to Accelerate Nail Growth

  1. Salt and Essential Oil Baths:
    • Three times a week, indulge in a relaxing nail bath enriched with salt, essential oils, or medicinal herb decoctions.
    • Use warm water and preferably sea salt for the bath.
    • Beneficial essential oils include citrus, eucalyptus, and almond. Herbal infusions like burdock root and nettle are also beneficial.
    • Duration: 15-20 minutes per session.
  2. Iodine Treatment:
    • Once a week, before bedtime, apply pharmacy iodine to the nail surface using a cotton sponge or stick.
    • Ensure your hands are clean before application and moisturize the surrounding skin with cream after iodine application.
    • No traces of iodine should remain by the morning.
  3. Vitamin E and A Mixture:
    • Before bedtime, massage a mixture of vitamins E and A in oil into your nails, paying attention to the surrounding areas.
    • The oil solution is quickly absorbed without leaving a greasy feeling on the fingers.
    • This ensures nourishment for the nails overnight.
  4. Protective Polish Application:
    • Once your nails have grown a bit, apply a protective polish after degreasing the nail surface.
    • Avoid using acetone as a nail polish remover, as it can have a detrimental effect by thinning the nails.
  5. Vitamin C-Rich Drinks:
    • Consume tea with rosehip, black currant, or lemon several times a day.
    • Vitamin C is known to prevent delamination and yellowing of nails.
  6. Protective Measures during Housework:
    • Wear protective gloves while engaging in household chores to shield your skin and nails from cleaning agents and detergents.
    • Prioritize a nutrient-rich diet with an emphasis on fresh vegetables and fruits.
    • Minimize the intake of sweets and flour products, as their impact can affect overall body health, including nail growth.
    • Focus on calcium-rich dairy products such as cottage cheese, kefir, and yogurts for optimal nail health.

By incorporating these practices into your routine and being mindful of your daily activities, you can nurture the growth of long, healthy nails. Remember, consistency is key to achieving the desired results.

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