Methods of Combating Age Spots

Pigmented spots on the skin are a feature that many would like to get rid of. A few decades ago, this was hardly possible. But the development of technologies in the medical and cosmetology field has contributed to the fact that today, there are several highly effective methods to combat pigmentation.

Key Features

Pigmented spots are a peculiar reaction of the body to various factors of internal and external nature. The most common causes of their occurrence include the following:

  1. Frequent and long-term exposure to direct sunlight
  2. Frequent visits to a tanning salon
  3. Imbalance of metabolic processes in the body
  4. Deficiency of certain vitamins
  5. Long-term medication
  6. Dysfunction of the gastrointestinal or gastrointestinal diseases

An important factor is age. A person might have lacked pigmented spots when they were young. However, after they turn 45, the possibility of the formation of these spots increases dramatically. This feature is manifested more often in women. Among men, age-related pigmentation is observed in 5% of cases.

Although such spots aren’t a disease, they cause discomfort. You can’t get rid of them on your own. It’s extremely problematic to disguise them with cosmetics. Because of them, people have complexes related to their appearance. Modern cosmetology offers several painless ways to fix this problem.

Gentle facial products

Most often, people want to get rid of the pigmentation on their faces. The skin of the face is more delicate and sensitive than on other parts of the body. Taking into account this characteristic, cosmetologists use the following substances against age spots:

  1. Hydrogen peroxide. It’s used to carefully treat areas where there are spots. Avoid the contact of peroxide with healthy skin to prevent injury.
  2. Zinc paste. It enables you to gently remove pigmentation. Plus, it guarantees an extra nourishing and moisturizing effect.
  3. Cream with the addition of mercury. It’s applied for a short time under the supervision of a specialist. It’s contraindicated for women who have hypersensitive skin or are carrying a child.

The above-listed products provide a mild whitening effect if you apply them in compliance with concentration and exposure time. They effectively combat facial pigmentation that initially had weak manifestations.

Hardware techniques

If the pigment spots have a dark shade, hardware methods are used to eliminate them. One of these is exposure to a laser beam. Under its influence, melanin is lightened and gradually removed. This happens as follows:

  1. The area of the skin with a pigment spot is treated with a special gel.
  2. The skin gets irradiated with the help of a laser device.
  3. A remedy with an antiseptic effect is applied to the skin, minimizing the risk of skin inflammation.
  4. A bandage is applied, treated with a special therapeutic compound that promotes the healing and regeneration of skin cells.

Such manipulations are performed as a course that consists of five sessions. The interval between the procedures should be at least three weeks. Depending on the number of pigment spots, their size and intensity, the cosmetologist can extend the course of laser exposure by increasing the number of sessions.

To maximize the effect of laser treatment on the skin, it’s necessary to undergo rehabilitation correctly. It takes 15-20 days. During this time, the following manipulations should be performed:

  1. Treat your skin with special cosmetics with a restorative effect
  2. Take a vitamin and mineral complex prescribed by a doctor
  3. Limit the time and frequency of exposure to the open sun
  4. Before going outside, protect your skin with products with a high SPF level

If you follow all rehabilitation recommendations, redness and flaking of your skin will gradually disappear. Smooth skin without a trace of pigment spots will replace the red crust. Together with the spots, small wrinkles will disappear in the places of laser exposure. The skin will look healthier.

An alternative to a laser is a photoflash. It demonstrates high efficiency due to light beams arising in the form of individual pulses. They are characterized by a soft and comfortable effect on the outer layer of the dermis.

Lightening and removal of pigmentation become possible due to the fact that the following substances are synthesized under the impact of a photoflash:

  1. Collagen
  2. Elastin
  3. Hyaluronic acid

The course of phototherapy against pigmentation includes at least 6 procedures. It’s followed by a short recovery period when you need to take care of your skin with the help of a moisturizing cream recommended by a cosmetologist.

Nitrogen exposure

Another substance that can successfully eliminate pigmentation is nitrogen in liquid form. It’s used to treat the skin with the help of a special applicator with a soft tip. Spot treatment is performed quickly, using the point contact method. The result is the death and subsequent flaking of pigmented cells.

The peculiarity of nitrogen exposure, which distinguishes it from the photoflash and laser treatment, is a short-term course. To get rid of pigmentation, it’s enough to go through 1-2 sessions. The rehabilitation period lasts a maximum of 2 weeks. Upon its completion, the result will manifest itself in the form of clean and healthy skin.

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