Recipes of Wholesome and Delicious Sandwiches

You can prepare sandwiches so that they will benefit your body. You can eat them even when on a diet, although at first glance it seems that they’re incompatible. As a rule, this meal is high in calories and contains ingredients that aren’t good for your organism. Besides, sandwiches are believed to be harmful to the stomach, since they’re dry food, so they’re suitable only for a rare snack. It’s worth noting that sandwiches can be low in calories and contain beneficial ingredients, especially if you use crisp bread or whole-grain bread as a basis.

Wholesome sandwich recipes

To make wholesome sandwiches, it’s advisable to avoid using sausages, smoked meats, mayonnaise, various sauces from the supermarket and additives that enhance the taste. As a filling, you can add boiled or baked meat. Sour cream and cheese can replace mayonnaise. If you want to add sauce, opt for a homemade one. You can also add different vegetables to sandwiches.

Sandwiches with cottage cheese and poultry

Use whole-grain bread to make this sandwich. It’s important to buy cottage cheese with low fat content as well as chicken or turkey meat. You should also buy peanut butter, green salad, fresh cucumber and tomatoes. To enhance the taste, feel free to add sweet pepper and various herbs. Spread small slices of bread with low-fat cottage cheese and peanut paste. Then, add a meat filling and put vegetables and herbs on top.

Attention! It’s better to consume wholesome sandwiches in the morning. If you want to lose weight, this will be an excellent option for a snack before lunch. It will make you feel full and remove the feeling of hunger.

Sandwiches with boiled chicken egg

You can cook eggs in different ways: boil, make poached eggs or make an omelet. You can combine such a sandwich with sour cream, garlic and herbs. For the filling, add herring and cucumber. Toast the slices of bread in advance to make them even tastier. After that, spread them with sour cream, cheese or soft cottage cheese. Lay out the vegetables and herbs and the last layer will be eggs.

With red fish and feta cheese

It’s necessary to purchase 1 baguette, cut it and, if you wish, dry it in the toaster or in the oven. Put the feta cheese on each piece of the baguette and add small slices of red fish on top. If you wish, you can decorate this sandwich with herbs, such as parsley or dill.

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