Seven Habits that Accelerate the Aging Process

In adulthood, no one wants to look older than they actually are. From time to time, people from both genders look at their reflection in the mirror, afraid to discover a new wrinkle or sagging skin or any other age-related changes. Of course, you can make the skin elastic and smoothen fine wrinkles with high-quality care. And, in extreme cases, you may resort to plastic surgery. But, in order to avoid worrying that you’ll look rather old relative to your age, it’s worth getting rid of certain detrimental habits.

Specific habits which accelerate aging:

  1. Excessive sunbathing. Young ladies like it when their skin is tan. Pigmented spots, wrinkles and other flaws are not visible on your skin, however. It’s not necessary to apply foundation or powder on a tanned face. The passion for sunbathing in adulthood has a negative impact on the condition of your skin. In fact, it tends to become rather dry and brittle.
  2. Insufficient consumption of liquids. A person loses fluid when breathing and sweating. Its reserves need to be constantly replenished. To do so, it’s recommended to drink at least 2 liters of water per day. In summer, you feel a shortage of water especially so — that’s why the recommended intake increases to 2.5-3 liters per day. If you fail to drink liquid, aging accelerates.
  3. Rubbing your eyelids with your hands entails stretching the delicate and thin skin around the eyes. This damages the capillaries, forms bruises under the eyes and provokes sagging.
  4. Untimely moisturizing of the skin is a bad habit that leads to accelerated aging. If the skin dries out, it loses elasticity, wrinkles appear, and the eyelids will start to hang over your eyes. Apply a cream or another cosmetic product at least once per day after washing your face.
  5. Sudden weight gain or weight loss. Your weight can vary within the range of 1-2 kg per month. If you dramatically gain weight and then go on a strict diet, your appearance will noticeably suffer. The skin will lack time to tighten and it will sag. In this case, it’s impossible to repair your skin without performing plastic surgery.
  6. Sedentary lifestyle and unwillingness to exercise is a bad habit that accelerates the aging process of the body. This is not the only issue because chronic diseases also appear.
  7. Uncontrolled consumption of sweets and flour products. There are already legends about the dangers of sugar and sweets. Everyone knows how harmful they are. Eating them leads to the appearance of excess weight as well as loss of elastin and collagen, which are responsible for determining how quickly the aging process begins.

It’s necessary to take care of your appearance starting at a young age so that in adulthood you can prevent yourself from looking into the mirror with sadness all over your eyes.

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