Spring Body Cleansing. How to Make Yourself Healthier After Winter? Tips, Details and Warnings

With the onset of Spring, despite the increase in daylight and the bright sun outside the window, our body might still remain in “hibernation”. Lethargy and apathy become common when one season is ending and the other one is beginning. Accumulation of wastes in the body can be regarded as one of the main reasons for such a state of health.

Blood purification

Medicine is skeptical about this term. Yet in its practice, medical professionals are engaged in purification even without noticing it. Let’s use the example of a popular procedure: a drop bottle is made to remove poisons after alcohol intoxication or other types of intoxication. Even ordinary physiological saline flushes the blood circulatory system in one way or another. It stimulates the kidneys to quickly remove fluid while providing general detoxification.

A person who lacks profile education might want to ask “Is it possible to arrange body cleansing at home and without a drop bottle?”. The answer is yes. It’s very easy to do so. It’s enough to consume more liquid during the day (at least 3 liters per day). Doctors give such a prescription to patients with acute respiratory diseases. In other words, it’s important to observe the hydration regime. The best option is to eat more watermelons that contain a sufficient amount of liquid and produce a diuretic effect. But in this case, we need to wait for the watermelon season. For the rest of the year, berry juices with pulp or cleansing herbal teas will do.

Cholesterol-free food

In addition to blood, it would be good to purify the vessels from time to time. They tend to accumulate atherosclerotic deposits (plaques) on their surfaces. This is not good because the permeability of the vessels narrows, which creates a risk of a blockage. The walls of the vessels harden and lose elasticity, which leads to hypertension and concomitant ailments.

The most natural method of driving down the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood is to limit its intake with food as much as possible. It’s necessary to temporarily exclude animal products from your diet: fatty meat products, lard and butter. Instead, make sure to include in your diet vegetable oils and products that contain Omega-3 polyunsaturated acids, such as fatty fish varieties (herring or salmon).

Taking care of the intestines

It’s also important to cleanse the intestines of toxins and wastes. The most radical and effective method is hydrocolonotherapy. During this procedure, the “dirt” that has been accumulating inside the intestine for a long time is washed out of the body with the help of a hose that is inserted into the patient’s rectum. However, you should understand that such cleansing deprives the colon not only of harmful putrefactive substances but also of helpful microorganisms. Therefore, after the procedure, it’s necessary to replenish the beneficial microflora by eating “live” kefirs and yogurts with bifidobacteria.

Lungs cleansing

The purification of the bronchopulmonary system plays an important role too. A vital prerequisite is to quit smoking. A variety of resinous substances and sooty components as well as fumes in the urban air environment produce an extremely negative effect on the respiratory organs.

In this case, herbal teas come in handy. Pectoral species that have an expectorant effect can serve as a good example. They make bronchial mucus less dense, thereby helping to cleanse the organ as fast as possible.

Improving the condition of the liver and kidneys

The situation with the cleansing of the kidneys and liver is more complex and profound. These organs are prone to the formation of stones. Home cleansing measures, such as the use of diuretics and choleretics, can easily provoke a stone shift. There is a great danger of renal or biliary colic, which will undoubtedly lead the person to the operating table — or, at best, will end with enhanced treatment in a hospital.

Therefore, the main medical postulate in working with these organs sounds like this: “To play safe, before prescribing diuretics to the patient, it’s necessary to perform an ultrasound procedure! If large stones are discovered, it’s essential to be very careful with medications. Any attempts to remove the stones should take place in hospital conditions with the use of powerful anesthesia, after crushing the deposits with ultrasound”.

Cleansing the rest of the organs and systems of the body can only do good for the person. And Spring is the best time to try it.

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