The Beard Hurts from Touching: Reasons for the Issue and Ways to Cope with It

When you touch the villi on your face, your skin shouldn’t feel discomfort or pain. Men with beards get used to dense hair growth rather quickly. They simply forget that they need to take good care of their beards. Most often, poor care becomes the cause of the problem.

Why does the beard hurt when touched:

  1. As a result of a blow or fall, the chin was injured. Swelling or a hematoma might be not visible behind the dense vegetation.
  2. The teeth are damaged and the toothache spreads to the chin.
  3. The hairs grow into the skin. Inflamed bumps form on the surface, which can itch, hurt, blush and even fester.
  4. The skin becomes irritated, reddened and flaky. This can happen due to weather conditions and improper care.
  5. Pores get clogged. Acne break outs appear, which are not visible under the villi.
  6. Recently, the dentist performed manipulations which caused swelling and suppuration of lymph nodes on the chin.

If there are no problems with your teeth and the jaw hasn’t been injured, it’s worth reviewing the beard care procedure. Men often fail to understand that the skin care procedures should be relatively different in summer and winter. In summer, the bristles need to be thoroughly cleaned twice a day and moisturized. Once a week it’s necessary to eliminate keratinized cells by performing what’s called a peeling. In winter, you should nourish the beard with fatty creams and oils and apply soothing masks in evenings.

What to do if the beard hurts when you touch it:

  1. Carefully examine the skin in good light. You need to move your fingers through every inch of the beard. During the examination, you may come across acne rashes, ingrown hairs or flaky areas.
  2. Thoroughly wash your face in the morning and in the evening. Instead of an ordinary toilet soap that dries the skin, use a special remedy – such as foam, gel, etc.
  3. Wash out the remains of drinks and food after meals, if they get on your hairs.
  4. Once per week, treat the bristles with a scrub to get rid of peeling, prevent ingrowth of villi and in order to remove dead skin cells. However, in the presence of acne, abrasions and wounds, the scrub can’t be used — otherwise, your chin will hurt even more.
  5. If rashes have been detected, dry them with a cosmetic product. Alternatively, you can apply zinc ointment to affected spots in the evenings. In the morning, before leaving home, apply an antibacterial agent to the inflamed areas.
  6. If your beard hurts from touching, apply a moisturizing mousse or cream twice per day on it to nourish the skin.

Men have a bad habit of touching their beards with their hands during the day without washing their hands before washing. It’s worth remembering once and for all that you should never touch the surface of your skin or villi on your face with dirty hands.

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