The Beard Is Stiff and Scratchy: How to Make It Soft and Silky

Every brutal man has a life partner who complains that his beard is too stiff and itchy. After kisses and hugs, the tender skin of the beloved lady becomes red. Sometimes, you can even notice small scratches on it. Soon, these red spots begin to flake and feel rough. This provokes a negative reaction and even tears. Instead of shaving off a hard-grown beard, you can make it soft and silky.

Why is the beard stiff and hard to the touch:

  1. The villi have different lengths.
  2. You fail to take proper care of it.
  3. The hairs grow in different directions.
  4. You rarely cut your beard.

When the villi become long enough, while having the same length, they usually become softer and stop being hard to the touch. Many men prefer to wear a neat short beard no more than one centimeter long. They constantly cut their facial hair and that’s why it fails to become softer.

How to make a stiff beard soft:

  1. Wash it daily without using regular hand soap. For this purpose, opt for a special softening foam, gel or shampoo. The water should be warm. Cold water makes the hairs tougher and prevents the pores from opening so you can’t cleanse them.
  2. After washing, rinse the beard. Pre-apply conditioner for 1-2 minutes on the entire length of the hair.
  3. While drying your beard, brush it with a wooden comb so that the hairs take the right direction and don’t stick out at different angles.
  4. Do a massage every evening, applying an emollient and moisturizing cosmetic. You can massage your beard with a comb or a brush with a soft pile.
  5. Nourish your beard once per week with a mixture of oils, spreading it over the entire length of the hair and rubbing it into the skin. If you need to make a stiff beard soft, coconut or jojoba oil will be perfect. To make the hairs grow thick and long, it makes sense to apply burdock and castor oil mixed in equal proportions. 5 drops are enough for one procedure. If you apply more oil, the hair will become greasy to the touch and will shine.
  6. Cut the beard with scissors once every 7-10 days, giving it the desired shape. It’s necessary to do so to prevent split ends from appearing. When you touch these ends, they feel scratchy. A beard machine is ideal for trimming the ends.

If you use professional beard care cosmetics, the hair will remain soft and silky for 2-3 days. It’s enough to get just a couple of products to take proper care of the hair — and you’ll forget about the problem forever.

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