The Beard Is Turning Gray: the Reasons for the Problem and the Ways to Fix It

For a man, the appearance of gray hair is a signal to start mourning; it’s the first sign of old age. The beard turns gray earlier than the hair on the head, causing panic. The main rule to learn is to avoid pulling out gray hairs by the roots; otherwise, there will be more of them. Light hairs can appear all over the beard, on its sides, or sometimes exclusively in the middle. At an early age, the gray of the beard manifests itself point-by-point – only selected villi turn white. If the sides and mustache turn gray, then the color of the hairs on the temples will become lighter too, but gradually.

What makes the beard turn gray:

  1. Inheritance passed down from your father or grandfather.
  2. Hormonal disorders, for which the thyroid gland is responsible.
  3. Your body produces a stress hormone due to prolonged depression or overexertion, which accelerates the process of your beard turning gray.
  4. Unhealthy lifestyle and bad habits worsen blood circulation in the follicles, reducing the level of oxygen in the blood, and accelerating the oxidative process in the cells. This affects the appearance of gray hair.
  5. Depleted reserves of melanin that is responsible for the color. The trouble takes place due to the rapid growth of hair and its rigid structure.

Some men perceive the appearance of gray hairs as a sign of maturity. Visually, a person looks experienced and wise in life, and others pay more attention to him. If a gray beard seems confusing to you, you can eliminate this feature.

What to do if your beard turns gray:

  1. Dye the color of the hair on your head. But there is a problem – it’s challenging to choose a shade on your own and to apply it evenly. It’s advisable to entrust this procedure to a professional in a barbershop.
  2. Paint your beard a white tone to create a contrast against the color of the hair on your head. The dye will remove the unattractive yellowness, and the vegetation will acquire a more uniform shade.
  3. Shorten the beard as much as possible and choose a shape that matches your style of clothing and the shape of your face.
  4. Improve your beard’s health using high-quality cosmetics. The original color of the hairs won’t return, but the vegetation on your face will look well-groomed and attractive. You can completely change its look by applying balms, masks, and oils, making the villi soft and shiny.
  5. Choose a tonic that matches the color of your beard and apply it every week. The tonic gets quickly washed out and doesn’t stay long in the villi. If the shade fails to match your original color, it’s not difficult to wash it off.

The cardinal way to deal with a graying beard is to shave it off. The lack of vegetation will completely change your appearance, but keep in mind that you will have to shave your face every morning.

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