The Beard Is Turning Reddish: Reasons for the Problem and Ways to Fix It

Fair-haired and dark-haired men might grow red beards. The tone of the villi on your face can be radically different from the color of the hair on your head. In some cases, the facial hair begins to change color almost immediately — it becomes red. People have the ability to look completely different and not every man with a beard is happy with this phenomenon.

Why is your beard turning reddish:

  1. You inherited this feature from your father or grandfather (maternal or paternal). If you look for photos of your relatives, one of them will be sure to have red hair on his face.
  2. Hormonal disorders. The hormonal background changes with age and diseases may take place. A visit to an endocrinologist will help you identify the problem.
  3. The presence of bad habits leads to a change in the color of your beard. The wrong lifestyle habits or poor nutritional choices can also affect it.

If the tone of the hairs is uniform and there are no protruding patches of a different shade, you can leave your facial hair as it is. If the difference in the tone of the hair on your head and face causes discomfort, you should get rid of it.

What to do if your beard turns red:

  1. Take tests to make sure your hormonal background is normal. Undergo an examination if there are other signs of endocrine disorders.
  2. Normalize your nutrition. Stop eating sweets as well as excessively salty and fried food. Reduce the amount of spices in your diet. Introduce greens, fermented dairy products, fruits and meat products into your diet.
  3. Sign up for a gym and visit it twice a week. Heavy lifting contributes to the production of male hormones, which also affect the tone of vegetation on your face.
  4. Get rid of the factors that cause stress. During stress, the body produces a hormone that makes the beard turn red. You should leave your unhappy job or split up from a capricious girlfriend.
  5. Get enough sleep without staying up too late at night on your computer. Lack of sleep provokes malfunctions in the body. This leads to serious diseases and a change in the shade of your hair.

You can solve the problem with cosmetic means. Dye the red bristles to the color of your hair, shave them off, make them as short as possible or even lighten them. It’s challenging to perform the procedure of dyeing hair at home, so it’s better to entrust this task to a pro from a barbershop.

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