The Face Has Become Loose and Porous: How to Even Out Your Skin at Home

At the age of 18, you lead an active struggle against acne due to raging hormones. In adulthood, other problems appear. If the skin is oily in youth, it becomes loose with age. A close look in the mirror reveals large pores and skin irregularities. Makeup base, foundation, and powder help visually smooth out the skin surface. However, washing off a layer of makeup dramatically changes your appearance.

Why does the face become loose and porous?

Cleansing is carried out untimely and incorrectly – with hot water and only once per day. Decorative cosmetics are used too frequently. Care cosmetics are selected incorrectly – they are excessively oily or contain a lot of alcohol. Peels and scrubs are actively used – from 2 times per week. Acne is constantly squeezed out, and the skin surface is injured in the process. While in the open sun, UV protection is ignored. Moisturizers are not applied, the diet is inappropriate, and there are bad habits. Oily skin becomes loose and porous, acquiring an unattractive gray shade over the years. It sags due to poor care, and its pores stretch. Periodically, flaky and reddened areas, as well as black dots, appear on its surface, posing challenges for elimination.

How to even out loose and porous skin at home:

Cleanse your skin in the morning and evening – but not with alcohol tonics. Wash it only with warm water. After washing, rinse your face with cold water. Use a scrub and peeling once per week or less frequently. Give up oily creams and replace them with moisturizing ones. In summer, apply a protective cream to your skin or wear a headdress that covers your face from the sun. Don’t squeeze out blackheads and acne at home. To eliminate rashes, contact a cosmetologist. Wash off decorative cosmetics immediately upon arrival at home and avoid overdoing with them. Use only high-quality cosmetics and check their expiration dates. If your face is loose and porous, make homemade cosmetic masks based on lemon and cucumber juices alternately. To prepare a cucumber mask, grate one vegetable on a grater, add aloe juice to the gruel, apply it to your skin surface for 15 minutes and wash it off with cool water. To prepare a lemon mask, mix the juice of half a lemon with 1 tbsp of honey, soak a napkin in the composition and put it on your skin surface for 20 minutes. Avoid visiting the sauna or steam room or taking a hot shower in the morning. After taking a bath, rinse your face with cold water every time. Once every 2-3 days, wipe your face with ice made from chamomile infusion. Your skin can become loose and porous due to hormonal imbalance, poor nutrition, problems in the gastrointestinal tract, and constant stress. If you give up sweet and flour products, don’t abuse alcohol, don’t become anxious, don’t smoke and get enough sleep, it will be easier to deal with the problem.

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