The Skin on the Hands Has Cracked: Reasons and Treatment for the Issue

Cracks on the skin of your hands may cause you to hide your hands in pockets or to wear gloves. This issue is not only aesthetic in nature because cracks can lead to bleeding and become painful. Infection, not to mention, can enter the body through these types of wounds as well. The skin on your hands crack in the cold season when there is frost and strong wind outside. Plus, it cracks during active work in the garden during spring or summer. People who work with chemicals also face this problem.

Here are the reasons for cracks on the hands and fingers:

  1. Use of aggressive detergents: soap, dishwashing liquid or washing powder
  2. Going outside in the cold weather without gloves or protective cream on the skin
  3. Poor nutrition, which contains few vitamins and trace elements
  4. Working without gloves while using construction mixes, acids, finishing materials and chemicals
  5. Intense exposure to ultraviolet rays
  6. Fungal lesions

A disease can also cause this problem — such as diabetes mellitus, dermatitis, eczema or hormonal failure in the body. In this case, cracks are accompanied by itching and burning sensations. Also, spots and other rashes may appear. Since it’s impossible to do anything without using your hands, the damage doesn’t heal for a long time. The cracks bleed frequently and really tend to hurt a lot.

Here are the tips for treating cracks on your hands and fingers:

  1. Avoid doing anything around the house without rubber gloves. Wipe dust, wash dishes and perform any other actions only while you are wearing gloves.
  2. When going outside during the cold season (when the air temperature is close to zero or has fallen below zero), wear warm mittens.
  3. Enrich your diet with healthy products: herbs, nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables. Eat fish, carrots or beef liver every day.
  4. Disinfect wounds if blood or ichor oozes from them. Seal the damaged and bleeding spots with a bactericidal adhesive plaster.
  5. Constantly moisturize and nourish the skin with high-quality creams that contain dexpanthenol. It makes sense to opt for a moisturizer in the first half of the day and for a nourishing substance in the second half. Apply a wound-healing agent on your wounds every single day.
  6. Use sunscreen on hot days by applying it before going outside.
  7. Take a vitamin complex for a month. Take into consideration that it’s advisable to take vitamin A separately.

If good hand care and proper nutrition fail to help you out, you need to undergo an examination to identify the disease that provokes the appearance of such cracks on your hands. After you treat the problem, it will most likely disappear.

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