Tips on Makeup for People Who Have Drooping Eyelids and Facial Edema

People might experience facial edema due to factors like lack of sleep or consuming a large amount of liquid before bedtime. Edema can make it difficult for them to apply high-quality makeup in the morning. Their eyelids may droop, causing issues with shading eyeshadows and leading to smudged makeup, running eyeliners, and mascaras. For individuals who frequently wrinkle their foreheads, drooping eyelids can become a permanent problem. As a result, they may need to adjust their makeup techniques and invest in resistant cosmetics to address these challenges effectively.

What you should avoid doing when applying makeup if your eyelids are dropping and you have edema:

  1. Avoid using bright, mother-of-pearl and shiny eyeshadows. Colored powdered shadows, beige or of soft shades will suit you. Make sure to shade them well in the process.
  2. Avoid tracing the contours of your eyes and drawing wide dark arrows that attract attention to the problem.
  3. Avoid closing your eyes alternately when applying makeup. Even perfectly painted eyes will look different when you open them.
  4. Avoid making your eyebrows even, wide and voluminous. It’s a mistake if you have drooping eyelids. A high arc is an ideal option.

Banal mistakes can negatively affect one’s appearance, making their look expressionless and their face appear sloppy. Although drooping eyelids might be a temporary issue that could resolve with treatment or a normalized daily routine, learning how to apply makeup correctly is still beneficial.

Tips on applying makeup for people who have edema or drooping eyelids:

  1. Take care of your eyebrows before applying eyeshadows. Fix their form with gel so that the villi don’t change their positions during the day.
  2. Use a beige or white pencil to paint the mucous membranes on your eyelids so that your eyes can shine.
  3. Apply a high-quality base with a silky texture. Thanks to this trick, makeup won’t build up in the folds of the skin, thus emphasizing your flaw. The base shouldn’t contain oil. Start applying it from the outer corner of your eye and move towards the nose.
  4. Shade matte light eyeshadows over the entire surface of your eyelid. Then, you can finally apply the colored ones. They serve as the basis.
  5. Darken only the outer corner of your eye with shadows. This makes the look of your eyes more expressive. If you overdo it, the corners of your eyes will go down.
  6. If you have edema and drooping eyelids, apply one layer of waterproof mascara. Avoid curling your eyelashes up so that they rest against the upper part of the eyelid.

To conceal imperfections caused by edema and drooping eyelids, investing in high-quality care cosmetics is essential. When selecting such products, consider your skin type and age. Good care cosmetics can help smooth out wrinkles, eliminate dark circles, reduce excess fluid, and tighten the skin, thereby reducing edema. It’s worth investing in these products for a more polished appearance.

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