Ways to Cleanse the Body of Parasites Without Medication

You can come across many different types of parasites in every aspect of your life. They enter your body through poorly washed food or even unwashed hands. Helminth eggs are carried by snails, fleas and many other living creatures. If there are pets in your house, helminths will be even more likely to appear. It’s worth checking out traditional methods of removing worms to avoid poisoning your body with various types of anthelmintic drugs.

Ways to get rid of helminths without medication:

  1. Eat fresh garlic cloves a couple of times per week. You can add them in a crushed state to the first and second meals as well as use them to season your salads. This will help you to get rid of parasites. Plus, you’ll prevent the development of fungal and viral diseases.
  2. Eat pumpkin seeds once per week. They’re delicious and wholesome. Due to the content of cucurbitin in them, not only the worms themselves die but also their eggs.
  3. Add the wholesome spice of turmeric to your meals. Turmeric is sold in a powdered state and has a yellow color. You can add it to salads, marinades and your first meal of the day.
  4. Eat powdered medicinal plants before meals. To do this, mix cumin seeds, calamus root and calendula flowers in equal proportions, weighing each component separately. Grind them, pour them into a glass jar and take 1.5-2 g of such mixture every day.
  5. If you season meals with hot pepper, you can get rid of worms within a couple of weeks. Helminths can’t tolerate spicy meals. The more black and red pepper present in food, the less likely the worms will be able to survive.
  6. Periodically consume papaya seeds if possible. Those who go on vacation to tropical countries are unlikely to pass by this bright fruit. It’s juicy, sweet and incredibly good for your health.
  7. Add crushed cucumber seeds to your daily meals in order to cleanse your body of parasites. First, it’s necessary to dry them. Then, ground them with a coffee grinder or blender. The resulting powder has hardly any taste but it is incredibly wholesome.
  8. Eat 1 tsp of dry wormwood twice per day. It’s also commonly ground and poured into a glass container for the sake of ease. Keep in mind that wormwood is very bitter.

There are many symptoms indicating the presence of helminths in the body. These include joint pain, flatulence and pressure surges. Keep in mind that many diseases have the same symptoms even though they’re in no way related to the presence of parasites.

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