Ways to Slow Down the Growth of Body Hair

Men don’t experience discomfort from unwanted hair on their bodies — but women do. Even a couple of accidentally left hairs can lead to stress and cause feelings of self-doubt. Women use various methods to get rid of excess hair, some of which are painful and costly. You can remove hair from your body and then slow down its growth with accessible methods. After that, you’ll be able to epilate your skin, do sugaring, or shave problem areas less frequently.

Here are ways to slow down the growth of body hair:

  1. Remove the hair from the root. Apply a mixture consisting of 2 ml of iodine, 5-7 ml of castor oil, and 50 ml of alcohol to your skin. It’s better to use medical alcohol. If it’s impossible to purchase it, vodka will do — but you’ll need 20 ml more of it. Moisten a cotton pad in the solution, apply the product to your skin, and avoid rinsing it for 3-5 hours. An overabundance of iodine is harmful to the body. You should carry out the procedure once per week.
  2. Cleanse your skin by taking a shower. Apply a thin layer of ant oil purchased at a cosmetics store. Rub it in and leave it for 3-5 hours. Rinse it off and moisturize your skin with body cream or body milk. Keep repeating the procedure every 3-4 days for six months. Gradually, the hair will become thin, and the follicles will lose their viability.
  3. Combine the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon with soda to make a gruel-like mixture. Apply it to the surface of your skin to slow down the growth of body hair. Lightly massage it without pressing to prevent damaging the skin. Leave it on for 15 minutes and rinse it off. Repeat these manipulations every week.
  4. Dilute a bag of turmeric powder weighing 50-60 g in boiling water to get the consistency of thick sour cream. Cover it with a lid for 20 minutes. Apply the ready product to the problem areas and rinse it off after half an hour.
  5. Chop the dried walnut pericarps with a blender. Boil 200 ml of water in a container, add 3 tbsp of crushed pericarps, and let it brew for an hour. Apply the finished composition to the cleansed skin by rubbing it. After 20 minutes, rinse it off.
  6. Make an herbal tincture with vodka. Pour 500 ml of vodka into a jar. Add 2 tbsp of licorice root, 3 tbsp of Japanese knotweed, 3 tbsp of cynanchum acutum, and 1 tbsp of Baikal skullcap. Cover it and put it in a dark cabinet for 2 weeks. Use the resulting tincture to wipe your body 2 times per week to slow down hair growth.

If you shave off unwanted hair instead of pulling it out with tweezers or an epilator, it will still grow back quickly. To slow down hair growth, it’s worth considering photo epilation or laser hair removal in a beauty salon. Then, apply the prepared product, choosing the appropriate option. To avoid ingrown hairs, scrub the surface of your skin once every 10 days and apply a moisturizer every evening.

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