What Can Replace Salt?

Salt acts as a flavor enhancer, as a stabilizer, and as a binding component. It contains sodium, which is necessary for every human in small amounts. Sodium stimulates muscle contraction, helps with muscle relaxation, conducts nerve impulses, and also maintains mineral and water balance throughout the body. But remember that an excess of sodium intake can be rather harmful to humans.

What is the harm in excess sodium?

  1. It can increase blood pressure.
  2. Calcium is washed out.
  3. It can cause kidney and liver diseases.

Almost all food contains sodium, including bread and even sausages. However, the daily norm for a person is only 5g. It is very difficult to calculate exactly how many crystals are eaten in our food on a daily basis. Therefore, when cooking meals, it should be at least partially replaced with other spices, which also enhance the flavor of your food.

How to replace salt while cooking:

  1. Paprika. It is a bright spice with an interesting aftertaste, so you will not feel the lack of salt. You can use smoked or regular dried paprika which is ground into a powder form.
  2. Fresh dill. Dried herbs do not have a special aroma or taste, but fresh leaves added to a salad or soup completely compensate for the lack of sodium in your food.
  3. Garlic. Fresh cloves or dried ground garlic spice masks any other aromas and flavors. It can easily substitute salt in any of your dishes.
  4. Onions or chives. Onions can be cut into small pieces, chopped with a blender, and then added to your food. The taste will become savory and slightly spicy; don’t worry, the absence of salt crystals will not be felt.
  5. Lemon juice. Sour and strong-smelling lemon can enhance the flavor in meat and fish dishes or salads; therefore, other spices are simply not required.
  6. Seaweed, which already contains sodium and iodine. You can use it to season salads or main courses.
  7. Vinegar. Many types of vinegar are sold in stores. It is worth trying at least a few of them if you do not have stomach issues.
  8. Pepper mix. Crushed paprika and red or black pepper can make your food spicy with a rather unusual aroma. This spice can quite successfully substitute salt and even herbs.

In order not to consume excess sodium along with your food, it is worth excluding ready-to-cook food, canned food, smoked foods, sauces, as well as lard, cheese, or salted fish. You must also increase the consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as cook meat and fish by yourself. At the same time, you must not stop eating it completely; otherwise the water-salt balance in your body will be disturbed. If there is not enough of this substance in your body, you can make up for such deficiency by eating more olives, beans, seafood, eggs or bananas.

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