Why Do You Sometimes Crave Sweets: the Reasons for Uncontrolled Hankering

Everyone on this planet knows that salty and sweet products are harmful to health. Sweets ruin our teeth, lead to excess weight and, in the long run, provoke problems with the heart and blood vessels. Uncontrolled consumption of sweet products causes disruptions in the functioning of the endocrine and immune systems.

Why do you crave sweets:

  1. It’s a habit that lingers from childhood. The consumption of chocolate and cakes can be a bad habit that you began to develop in your early years. If parents gave you candy when you got a good grade, then, certain associations were established over time.
  2. Hunger is a state when you want to eat just anything. The fastest way to quench it is to eat a nutritious sweet bar, that’s why it might seem that you crave sweets.
  3. You catastrophically lack the strength to perform everyday tasks. Lack of energy is a serious problem that affects your quality of life. Eating sweets enables you to get energy instantly. However, the positive impact doesn’t last long and health problems will remain with you for years.
  4. Bad mood and depression. Nearly everyone who experiences stress is drawn to sweets. They eat kilos of cakes and chocolates.
  5. There is a deficiency of certain substances in the body. If you aren’t usually attracted to sweets and then, you suddenly want candy, it’s a clear sign of the shortage of necessary substances.

Products with high sugar content are harmful but you can replace them with natural ones — for example, honey, marmalade or dried fruits. It’s better to get rid of this bad habit before you’ll be diagnosed with a whole bunch of diseases.

How to get rid of cravings for sweets:

  1. Stop buying them. It’s better to avoid approaching the stalls with baklava, cookies or puff pastry at all. When visiting the supermarket, keep away from such shelves.
  2. Buy more fruits. Let there always be apples, oranges, kiwis and grapes in your fridge.
  3. Add honey to tea instead of sugar. Consider using a natural sweetener, stevia.
  4. You want sweets when your body fails to receive sufficient protein from food. If you supplement your diet with meals made of legumes, poultry meat and dairy products, cravings will disappear.
  5. Drink water when you want sweets. The body doesn’t always understand what it wants, sometimes confusing thirst with hunger.
  6. Don’t let a strong feeling of hunger form in your body. It makes sense to snack on a light meal periodically, such as a banana, apple or yogurt.

Despite the harm of sweets, you shouldn’t give up high-quality bitter chocolate. If you eat a couple of cubes of such chocolate and drink a cup of tea, they won’t do you any harm.

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